February 2017 Regional Firearms Auction-#1028

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Engraved Henry rifle


What is a Regional Auction?

Our Regional auctions are made up of affordable antiques, beginning collector’s items, usable sporting arms, and many non-firearm lots. A majority of the lots have multiple firearms. These auctions are comprised of firearms such as sporting and hunting firearms, manufacturers such Browning, Winchester, Ruger, Colt, Remington, Smith & Wesson, plus Japanese and European military firearms. You will also find firearm related books, holsters, swords, parts, leather, ammunition and more. This is also an auction for antique and highly collectable items. Each item is listed with a headline, high and low estimates, condition rating, and photo. As with our Premiere Auctions, our website features the entire Regional Auction catalog of items and is searchable by model, serial number, manufacturer, lot number, keyword, and more. All items are viewable in color online and all guns have both sides shown!

Four Day Auction!

Rock Island Auction Company’s 2017 February Regional Firearms Auction is going to be only the second 4-day sale in our entire history! That means that February 16 – 19, there are hundreds more chances to own the guns you want. Most of our auctions are Friday through Sunday with a full day preview on Thursday. With a four day sale, we’ve moved the preview to Wednesday, and the auction will begin at 9:00 am sharp on Thursday.

The auction is still being created, at this point there are over 10,000 items in this massive event! 9,800+ firearms, nearly 2,000 antiques, and almost 4,800 items with curio & relic status. Finding what you want as a collector has never been easier, and with our completely redesigned website, browsing and bidding on them has never been quicker.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more photos, articles, and videos on the fantastic firearms in this gigantic gun auction!


Auction Begins Each Day At 09:00 AM CST – Feb. 16-19, 2017 Preview Day Feb. 15, 2017

February 2017 Regional Firearms Auction-#1028 Highlights

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