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Ira Paine's silver Winchester 1866

The Silver Winchester of Ira Paine: "Master Shooter of the World"

08/12/2016 By Joel R. Kolander [caption id="attachment_15333" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Lot 3014: Documented Extremely Rare Exhibition Panel Scene Factory Engraved German Silver Frame Winchester Model 1866...Read More
Buck Taylor and his Colt SAA

Buck Taylor: The True King of the Cowboys

June 17, 2016 By Joel Kolander [caption id="attachment_16000" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Lot 3078: Documented Historic First Generation Colt Single Action Army Revolver Owned by the "King...Read More
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Rock Island Auction's Social Media Pages

06-10-2016 By Joel Kolander Here at Rock Island Auction Company, we try to keep people abreast of what we're doing via social media, or at...Read More

German Lugers-The Golden Luger: A Gift Between Two Nazis.

04-08-16 By Joel Kolander Luger Collectors, history is a funny thing. As hard as we humans try to document it, the facts of the matter...Read More
What is a wheellock?

What is a Wheellock?

04-01-2016 By Joel Kolander [caption id="attachment_16025" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Lot 1297: 17th Century Italian Masterpieces: Beautiful, Important and Well Documented High Art Pair of Mannerist Relief...Read More

The Prize for Capturing Geronimo, Part II

02-09-16 By Joel Kolander It may have been winter in 1885-1886, but George Crook was hot under the collar. As the head of the Department...Read More

The Prize for Capturing Geronimo, Part I

01-21-16 By Joel Kolander Lieutenant Colonel George Crook was not having a good time. Everything should have been falling in to place.  He was a...Read More

The Surprisingly Modern Colt 1903

11-20-15 By Joel Kolander At the 2015 Shot Show in Las Vegas there was the usual hullabaloo around a lot of new guns and gadgets,...Read More

John F. Kennedy's M1 Garand

06-30-15 By Joel Kolander The War Department Appropriations Bill of 1903 established many things, but the one that begins our story today is its founding...Read More