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By Joel Kolander

As most of you already know, late last year RIAC redesigned their entire webpage from the ground up. New look, new features, same great photography, and an even easier bidding process. The good news is we never stopped improving our website. We’ve listened to user feedback, made processes smoother, and formulated new ways to make the site even more useful for users and gun collectors. We think you’ll really like the two newest features we’ve added to the website. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments. Also, if you’ve got great new ideas for the site that would be super helpful or make it easier to use, be sure to leave those in the comment section as well.

“Won Items” List

The “Won Items” list shows you every single item that you’ve ever won from Rock Island Auction Company. Disclaimer: Never let your spouse see this list. Open with care. But seriously, the list is extremely helpful and comes with a number of sorting options. You can view by year, individual auction, or just look at them all in one large, satisfying list. In that list you can see the lot number, the auction in which you won it, the headline, and the hammer price. It’s also printable in case you wish to keep such documentation.

Gun auction account page


Clicking on the link “Collector’s Sheet” of a “Won Item” in the list takes you to the second of the two new features and one that will be helpful in all sorts of ways.

Gun Collector Sheets

Gun Collect Sheets

The collector sheet is basically a nice, printable summary of the catalog information on the firearm that you’ve purchased. These will be handy for your own documentation and provide readily accessible, accurate information to keep along with the firearms in your collection. Besides having it for one’s own personal reference they will also be helpful in a number of different ways. For instance, they provide excellent documentation for insurance purposes. They provide all the necessary information for C&R license holders, and may come in handy should you choose to eventually sell the firearm. Our goal right now is to have at least a single photo up for every item. This shouldn’t be a problem for more recent items, but as we go further and further back into the auction archive you may notice some of your items do not yet have a photo.  Don’t worry – nothing’s broken. We just haven’t gotten that far back into RIAC history yet.

We hope you like these new features as much as we do. They’re small in the grand scheme of things, but all these little improvements add up to make an experience that remains unmatched in our industry. As we mentioned earlier if there are features that you wish our website offered, feel free to leave them in the comments below. We can’t promise to add all of them, but you never know what’ll become our next project!

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