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By Joel Kolander

UPDATE 9/5/2018: Text message alerts now available on all lots, not just for live phone bidders!

RIA text message alert

When Rock Island Auction Company completely redesigned their webpage last year, vast improvements were made to the look of the site as well as its ease of use. We’re proud of the results and of our IT Team who put in a lot of time and hard work to achieve the results they did. Thankfully, they had numerous other ideas of how to keep RIAC setting the bar higher when it comes to features and usability.  We’ll be unveiling several of those features in the weeks to come, but today we’d like to talk about the new text message alert feature.

RIAC phone bank

Phone bidding is increasingly popular at RIAC. This is about half of the phone bank.


What is it?

You have the option of receiving a text message alert for any lot on which you would like to be a live phone bidder. These text alerts will arrive 20 lots prior to the lot you would like to bid on. If you request an alert on items earlier than lot 20, you’ll simply receive an alert that the auction is beginning. This allows you plenty of time to prepare in any way needed and to alert you that one of our trained phone bidders will be calling you soon.



Before each auction Owner and CEO Pat Hogan tells all our employees taking phone bids, “You don’t work for Rock Island today. You work for the person on the other end of that phone,” and they take that to heart. Not only is it bad business when you can’t reach a willing and ready bidder, but it’s also personally disappointing because a collector may have missed out on a item that was truly important to them. Our phone bidders are the best in the business, but they can’t win an item for you if they can’t reach you.

Text Message Alerts are another way to help avoid these missed opportunities in this increasingly popular method of bidding.


How to Receive Them?

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Browse and bid as usual. When you select “Phone Bid” on an item, the resulting pop-up window will have a check mark for “Text Message Alert.”  Simply check the box and click the “Save Bid” button. Leaving the box unchecked will still place the item in your cart as a phone bid, but you will not receive a text message alert. Alternatively, you may also select whether or not you would like a text message alert when viewing the items in your cart. This is detailed in the next step.

text message alerts


3. When you are finished bidding, head to your Cart and you’ll see a list of the items you have chosen. In the column labeled “Text Alert” you may select which items you would like to receive a text message alert. Please note that only items where you have chosen to telephone bid will have this option available. Bids placed as sealed bids will not have this option.

Your Cart

4. After submitting the bids in your cart, you will be able to specify the phone number at which you would like to receive the text message and the number you would like your phone bidder to contact you.
Phone Numbers

5. Enter the rest of the required information on that screen and click “Submit Bids.”

6. You’re finished!


actual text message alerts

Examples of RIAC’s text message alerts


That’s all it takes! We already reach out to every phone bidding client at the beginning of each auction day, but an extra step like this is yet another way that RIAC makes sure you can bid on the guns you want. As an added convenience, if you call the automated number that is sending the text messages, it will automatically forward you to our helpful staff here at RIAC. Those IT guys think of everything! Stay tuned for the pending announcement about our own live internet bidding program! You’ll soon be able to bid live online without going through a third party site like Proxibid or iCollector. We’re very excited for its release and hope you are too!





Legal Stuff:

Message and data rates may apply to Text Message Alerts




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