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Lot 84: Two Boxes of Antique Rifle Ammunition

Auction Date: December 1, 2017

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Two Boxes of Antique Rifle Ammunition

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Very fine with mild storage wear. Antique ammunition and cartridge boxes are excellent compliments to any firearms collection. These would be particularly well-suited for display along side a Winchester Model 1873 and a Sharps single shot.


1) Union Metallic Cartridge Co. 10-round box of .45 2 6/10 Sharps Straight ammunition marked "10 CARTRIDGES/.45 CALIBRE./2 6/10 Shell, 90 Grains Powder,/1 3/8 inch Patehed [sic] Bullet. 500 Grains,/FOR/SHARPS RIFLE/MANUFACTURED BY THE/Union Metallic Cartridge Company,/BRIDGEPORT CONN., U.S.A." on the upper label and Remington-UMC guarantee and "REPACKED" markings on the bottom label. The box is open butt full. 2) Winchester 50-round box of.44-40 W.C.F. ammunition marked "50 CARTRIDGE .44 CAL./FOR/WINCHESTER RIFLE MODEL 1873" over a facsimile of a .44-40 cartridge marked "44/WINCHESTER/MODEL 1873" and flanked by "CENTRAL/FIRE" and "SOLID/HEAD" over "MANUFACTURED BY THE/WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO./NEW HAVEN, CONN., U.S.A." on top and Winchester guarantee markings, an image of an Model 1873 carbine, another facsimile of the .44-40 cartridge, and "WINCHESTER/.44 CALIBER C.F./Model 1873." on the side panels. The box is sealed in clear plastic and is full.

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