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   LOT 214
Rare Civil War Era Joslyn Model 1855 “Monkey Tail” Navy Rifle with Saber Bayonet - Serial no. 956, 58 cal., 30 inch round bbl., blue/
casehardened finish, walnut stock. The U.S. Navy originally ordered 500 of these rifles with 30 inch barrels and saber bayonet lugs, and only
approximately 200 are believed to have been manufactured and delivered by A. H. Waters of Milbury, Massachusetts, in 1860. Interestingly, these Joslyn
arms were the last firearms manufactured by Asa H. Waters. The Waters family had been involved in U.S. martial arms contracts since at least the 1808 contract muskets. “A. H. WATERS &
CO./MILBURY MASS” marked at the center of the lock with some fading on the top right edge of the markings. It has a large pinched blade front sight and folding ladder rear sight graduated up
to 800 yards. Matching serial number “956” marked on the left of the breech block, hidden inside on the left of the receiver, underside of the barrel, and underside of the buttplate. “GDM” (George D.
Moller) collection initials marked at the toe of the stock. Includes a non-fitting brass handled Model 1855 attributed Ames saber bayonet and brass tipped leather scabbard.
CONDITION: Good with mottled brown and gray patina indicative of period Naval use, with some traces of original blue finish on the barrel and faint traces of original case colors on the lock and on protected areas of the breech piece, and some scattered light pitting. Stock is fair with scattered dents, scratches, dings, a chip at the top of the left flat, cracks behind and below the lock, a small chip below the lock, a crack on the left of the wrist, and a repaired section at the toe. Mechanically excellent. Included bayonet is very good with some light pitting on the lightly sharpened blade, and a bright lightly polished brass handle. Scabbard is also very good with some light cracking of the leather and lightly polished brass tips.
Provenance: The George Moller Collection.
Estimate: 4,500 - 7,000
LOT 215
Desirable Civil War U.S. Navy Spencer Repeating Rifle with
Saber Bayonet - Serial no. 804, 56-56 cal., 30 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened
finish, walnut stock. Approximately 700 of the 1,000 Spencer repeating rifles ordered by the U.S. Navy were this pattern. The Navy
rifles were the first Spencer rifles purchased by the government during the Civil War, and they fall within the 1-750 serial number range. The
Navy contact rifles were issued with a sword bayonet with brass hilt and have a distinctive ribbed bayonet lug on the underside of the barrel. The
rifle has a steel lug front sight with nickel-silver blade and a folding leaf rear sight with 800 yard center notch. The top of the receiver is roll-stamped:
“SPENCER REPEATING-/RIFLE CO. BOSTON MASS./PAT’D MARCH 6. 1860.”“G” is stamped on the top of the barrel in front of the lower barrel band, and an “M” is on
the lock plate. The rifle correctly has no inspection or property marks. The rifle is complete with sword bayonet with 21 3/4-inch yataghan style blade and brass hilt with
ribbed grip. The blade is dated “1862” on the obverse and stamped “AMES MFG CO/CHICOPEE/MASS” on the reverse. A leather wrapped scabbard with brass fittings for the bayonet and a black leather sling are included. “GDM” is deeply stamped at the toe.
  CONDITION: Very good with mostly mottled gray patina throughout along with some general mild marks and scratches, minor oxidation, and mostly silvered out case color patterns on the receiver. The re-oiled wood is good and has some loss around the lock mortise, noticeable horizontal cracks and chips visible on the left side of the forearm at the rear and the wrist and butt of the buttstock, and numerous minor dings and scratches. Mechanically fine. The bayonet and scabbard are fine and have attractive aged patina on the brass hilt and scabbard furniture, mottled gray patina and mild pitting on the blade, and general age and storage related wear. Provenance: The George Moller Collection.
Estimate: 4,500 - 7,000

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