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  Extremely Attractive Civil War Confederate Rigdon, Ansley & Co. Percussion Revolver
  LOT 225
Rare Confederate Rigdon, Ansley & Co. Revolver - Serial no. 1515, 36 cal., 7- 1/2 Inch bbl., Blue finish, walnut grips. This rare Confederate Rigdon, Ansley, & Co. Model 1851 Navy style revolver has a 12-stop cylinder and 7-1/2-inch part round/part octagon Dragoon style barrel. The top barrel flat is marked: “AUGUSTA GA. CSA”. The revolver has a cone front sight, Colt style loading lever, iron frame with wide capping cut-out, hammer with knurled spur, brass oval trigger guard, brass back strap and one-piece walnut grips. The assembly/ serial number “ 1515” is stamped on the butt, trigger guard ahead of the bow, bottom of the frame, bottom of the barrel lug and the top of the loading lever flat. All of the visible serial/assembly numbers match. A small “W” is stamped on the right side of the trigger guard. The revolver could not be disassembled to determine other markings. Two sets of illegible initials are carved in the bottom of the grips on either side of the back strap. Rigdon, Ansley & Co. manufactured approximately 1,000 high quality Model 1851 Navy style revolvers at Augusta, Georgia in 1864-1865 following the dissolution of the Leech and Rigdon Company. CONDITION: Very good. This revolver is in well above other Confederate revolvers’ condition and is all original. The hammer screw and wedge screw are missing. The cylinder will not rotate. The revolver has light pitting overall with a dark patina. The brass trigger guard and back strap have an attractive untouched patina. The wooden grip is fine. The markings on the barrel flat are light but legible. The assembly marks/ serial numbers are sharp. This is a solid example of a rare and very desirable Confederate Rigdon, Ansley & Co. revolver. One will look a long time to find a finer example! Estimate: 30,000 - 50,000
    Collector’s Fact
Rigdon, Ansley & Co. manufactured only approximately 1,000 of these high quality revolvers, and they are quite scarce to find in any condition.

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