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Lt. Col. Waring, Conner was allowed to lead any charge once the unit travelled inside enemy territory due to his disgust of the treatment he received during captivity.
At Gettysburg, the Legion was under the command of Lieutenant Colonel J. Frederick Warring, and Conner was the executive officer. They were in General Wade Hampton’s brigade in Major General J. E. B. Stuart’s cavalry division. Their goal was to get around or break through the Union cavalry to the east of Gettysburg to engage the rear of the main body of the Army of the Potomac. The Legion and the rest of Hampton’s brigade was at the center of Stuart’s division. Among the Union units opposing them was Custer’s Michigan Brigade who Custer famously urged on by yelling “Come on, you Wolverines!” The Legion charged into battle
brigade, but as the Confederates began to push their advantage, the Union troopers brought
in fresh reserves and hit them from three sides, including the Michigan Brigade which had turned back into the fight. Much of the battle was fought at point-blank range with sabers, revolvers, and carbines. One of the most well known events during the fight was when Wade Hampton noticed a trooper surrounded by Union troops and was attempting to escape. Riding
to his aid, Hampton himself was surround and wounded several times by ball and saber before saving himself by jumping his horse over a fence. This event is documented and featured in a well- known Don Troiani painting.
 Includes the original
document receipt for
payment in cash dated
January 14, 1861
He was held at Fort Delaware in Washington, with the second wave of Confederate cavalry as
D.C. After being exchanged and released on August 9, 1862, he returned to duty shortly before the Legion fought at Antietam and the Chambersburg Raid and was promoted to major on December 2, 1862. In an agreement with
Custer’s men began to push back the 1st Virginia from Fitz Lee’s brigade. Reportedly led by Conner and Hampton riding side by side, the Legion
and the rest of the second wave’s counter attack initially succeeded in pushing back Custer’s

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