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  LOT 305
    Rare Extremely Early Production Two Digit Serialized Smith & Wesson Model 320
Single Action Revolving Rifle with 16 Inch Barrel, Stock, and Factory Letter - Serial no. 12, 320 cal., 16
inch solid rib bbl., blue finish, hard rubber grips. Offered here is an extremely early production model of one of
S&W rarest produced firearms, the Model 320 Revolving Rifle. This is serial number 12, making it one of the very
first Model 320s manufactured by S&W, and it displays an unmarked pre-1904 factory refinish. Total production was only 977, and out of the
977 units only 239 Model 320s were manufactured with a 16 inch barrel. The 16 inch barrel on this example is fitted with a globe front sight and
two leaf rear sight and is stamped with the two-line address/patent dates legend. The forearm and grips are matching checkered red mottled
hard rubber with the S&W monogram. The stock is smooth walnut with blue finished attaching iron, peep sight and a checkered hard rubber buttplate with S&W monogram.
The early production “12” serial number is found on the butt, cylinder, barrel and barrel latch. The accompanying factory letter lists this Model 320 with a 16 inch barrel, blue
finish, and checkered mottled red and black hard rubber grip and forearm when it was shipped on June 30, 1880 and delivered to Schoverling Daly & Gale of New York City. CONDITION: Very fine, retaining 98% plus of the aforementioned pre-1904 factory reapplied blue and casehardened finishes showing slight stock wear on the back strap, a cylinder drag line and limited handling marks. The stock is also very fine with 99% plus blue finish remaining on the attaching hardware and minor handling marks on the walnut. Mechanically excellent. A great opportunity to acquire an extremely low serial number Model 320, one of S&W’s rarest and most unusual firearms.
Estimate: 12,000 - 18,000
LOT 306
Exceptional Smith & Wesson New Model No. 3 Target Revolver Inscribed to S&W Factory Friend and Shooter W.E. Carlin with Box and Factory Letter - Serial no. 35141, 44 S&W Russian cal., 6 1/2 inch solid rib bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. The accompanying factory letter confirms the 6 1/2 inch barrel, blue finish and checkered wood grips. This target variation of the New Model No. 3 was shipped on April 8, 1914 (all frames were manufactured by 1898) and delivered to W.E. Carlin. Carlin’s name and the year 1914 are inscribed on the back strap: “W.E. CARLIN, 1914.” In the factory letter S&W historian Roy Jinks identified W.E. Carlin as “an active shooter and friends with the management of the S&W Factory.” Although the inscription is not listed in the factory records, Carlin’s friendly relationship with the S&W factory led Jinks to concluded that the personalized backstrap was engraved at the S&W factory. Included is a copy of a target shot by Carlin with a New Model No. 3 at 50 yards as well as a copy of his signed presentation inscription found in the scrap book he presented to leading handgun expert A.C. Gould. For many years this scrapbook of targets shot at from various distances was part of the Wesson family and S&W archives. At the turn of the century, Carlin tested scoped handguns for S&W and wrote the chapter The Theory of Rifle-Shooting to the book “Guns, Ammunition & Tackle” (1904). In his book “Modern American Pistols and Revolvers,” A.C. Gould provided the reader with illustrations of targets shot by Carlin with a “.44 Caliber Smith & Wesson revolver”. The revolver has a pinned blade front sight, square notch adjustable rear sight, one-line barrel rib legend, 1 7/16 inch cylinder, “44 S&W CTG” stamped on the left side of the barrel, and matching serial numbers on the butt, cylinder, barrel and barrel latch. Caliber marked New Model No. 3s, like this example, are rarely encountered. With the period correct S&W green box with end label listing blue finish and 6 1/2 inch barrel. CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 98% plus original blue finish with a cylinder drag line and some minor handling evidence. Nearly all original case colors remain on the hammer and trigger guard. The grips are also excellent with overall crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent. The box is very fine with a repaired corner, minimal wear and most of the end label remaining. Estimate: 6,500 - 8,500
  Collector’s Fact
Of the 977 Smith & Wesson Model 320 Revolving Rifles manufactured, only 239 were produced with a 16 inch barrel.

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