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    LOT 329
Large Framed Oil Painting of an
Ocean Scene Signed by Walter Shaw
Dated 1897 - This painting by Walter
Shaw shows a natural ocean seascape.
The water features breaking waves with
cliffs in the distance. The bottom right of the painting is signed in red paint with the date “1897” below. The painting is housed in a large gold painted, carved wooden frame. The oil painting measures 39 1/2 inches by 18 1/2 inches. The frame overall measures 33 inches by 53 inches. CONDITION: Very fine with some crazing of the painting, storage and handling marks on the frame and some separation in the corners of the otherwise fine frame.
Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000
 LOT 330
Framed American Flagged Ship Oil
Painting Signed by Morrell - This
Seascape painting depicts a ship sailing
the ocean. The scene takes place during
the late 18th century as the clipper ship
is flying an early American flag with the
stars arranged in a circle. The scene is
dimly lit as a storm seems to be moving
out, creating a feeling of triumph over
nature itself. The bottom left is signed “Morrell”. The painting is housed in a gold painted frame. The oil painting measures 23 1/2 inches by 17 1/2 inches. The frame measures 22 3/4 inches by 28 3/4 inches.
CONDITION: Very fine painting with some crazing to the painting and handling marks and slight corner separation on the otherwise fine frame.
Estimate: 1,800 - 2,750

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