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     LOT 331
Relief Chiseled and
Gilded Flintlock Jaeger
Rifle Signed by Andreas
Schultze and Jean
Piere - NSN, 54 cal., 21
3/4 inch octagon bbl.,
blue/gold finish. This is
a very Austrian/Bohemian styled
short jaeger rifle or carbine from around the mid-18th century. The barrel
is signed “ANDREAS SCHVLTZE” behind the rear sight; however, the lock
is signed “IEAN-PIERE-APARIS” in the banner under the pan indicating a
French connection. The barrel has a gilt brass bead style blade front sight and
matching gilt notch rear sight with second folding leaf and ornate floral finial. The barrel tang has some scroll engraving with gold highlights. The lock has a relief engraved scene of two stags at the tail and a hunter with a gun and dogs at the center with gilt backgrounds. The lock fittings have scroll engraving with gilded backgrounds. The furniture is gilt brass and features scroll patterns, grotesque masks, a hunter with horn and a dog on the trigger guard bow, an elaborate scene of the hunt on the side plate with a walled city in the background, and a classical figure and dog on the buttplate tang, and the stock has some fine
molding, incised and raised relief carved scroll patterns, and a horn edge inlay on the cheek rest. CONDITION: Very fine with 30% original blue finish on the barrel fading to smooth gray and brown patina, bright regilded furniture with some light aged patina forming, and generally rather light overall wear for its age. The refinished stock is also very fine and has distinct carving, glossy varnish, and minor dings and scratches. The set trigger mechanism needs some attention, but the rifle is otherwise mechanically fine. Estimate: 3,000 - 5,000
LOT 332
Engraved, Gold and Silver Accented, and Carved Ramon Zuluaga Miquelet Escopeta - NSN, 68 cal., 29 inch part octagon bbl., blue/bright finish, walnut stock. The two-stage smoothbore barrel has a silver blade front sight with silver inlaid radiating lines around the base, multi-banded transition point, “DE HERRADURAS” inlaid in silver on top at the breech, a gold vent liner, and silver border design at the breech. A dished rear sight is part of the standing breech. The barrel is secured by wedge and hooked breech. The marking on the barrel indicates the use of steel from used horse shoes. The process of turning the horse shoes into barrel steel was known to create very strong steel, and this process was used by Zuloaga in the early 19th century. The ornate miquelet lock is signed “Zuloaga” in script and has floral
engraving at the tail and nicely sculpted components. The iron trigger guard is signed “Ramon/Zuloaga” in script in an oval on the bow and has an ornate floral finial that coordinates with the ramrod entry pipe and heel plate. The side plate also has some
light floral engraving. The stock has an interesting carved checkering pattern on the forend and wrist and a fluted “Madrid” style buttstock. CONDITION: Very good with trace of original blue finish on the barrel and otherwise brown patina and some mild pitting mainly at the vent, bright gold vent liner, dark aged patina on the silver inlays, fairly bright lock with some oil staining, and dark gray patina on the furniture. The stock is fine and has mild overall wear, some small chips, a few dents, and light scratches. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000

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