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Extraordinary, Historic, Gold and Silver Inlaid 17th Century Jaques de Goulet Wheellock Holster Pistol from a Pair Documented as Owned by King Louis XIII of France c. 1640 with Additional Silver Inlaid Pommel - NSN, 48 cal., 17 3/4 inch part octagon bbl., blue/gold/silver/bright finish, hardwood stock. The smoothbore, two-stage barrel has “•A•VITRE•PAR•M•I AQVES•DE•GOVLET•” in gold letters along the top of the breech section, an “IG” shield shaped maker’s mark on top at the breech, gold and silver floral and classical motifs inlaid along the top of the barrel in matted panels, and bright fire blue finish on the
balance. The trigger guard has coordinating decoration. The trigger is offset to the right and pinned above the tail of the
lock. The beautifully sculpted lock has some delicate scroll and floral patterns, a bestial design on the jaw, a amorino/putto mask by the wheel, beveled edges, and interesting design with the axle and spring fastened to the sideplate and long trigger plate rather than the lock plate. The stock has silver inlaid marquetry decoration including floral patterns, birds, amorini/putti, and classical soldiers under canopies and coordinating engraving on the silver bands. A second pommel cap with very similar silver decoration including canopies, nude classical figures, and floral
patterns is included. On the second pommel, a thicker gauge of wire was used for the wire inlays. This pommel had been fitted to the pistol previously, and then the current one based on measurements of the pommel on the other pistol from this pair was made by Warren Selke and fitted later to bring the pistol back to its original configuration.

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