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     Magnificent and Historic Precious Metal Decorated Wheellock Holster Pistol Produced by French Royal Gunsmith Jaques de Goulet and Owned by the King of France, Louis XIII
Jaques/Jacques de Goulet is listed as active c. 1680 in Vitre, Ille- et-Vilaine, France, c. 1680 in “Der Neue Stockel” by Heer. The other pistol from the pair is currently listed in the Royal Armouries Collections as in the Self Defence Gallery in Leeds (Object Number XII.1072) and is marked “No. 207” on the upper right side of the barrel and does not have any barrel decoration visible. It is noted as “Probably by Jacques de Goulet of Vitre”and “From the collection of Louis XIII of France,” and the Royal Armouries also note, “The pair to this pistol is held in a private collection.” The William Randolph Hearst Archive at Long Island University lists the current pistol as from c. 1640 and states that “Jacques de Goulet, the maker of this
  fine pistol, was one of Louis XIII’s official gunsmiths. It belonged to Louis XIII, and appears in the inventory of his weapons drawn up in 1685, under Louis XIV, where it is No. 207.” Their description states that the “lock is of that rare XVII Century French pattern, unlike any other type, the mainspring being encased in the wooden stock and independent of the lock proper and the end of the axle-tree
of the wheel is supported by the screw-plate (a French invention) forming a wide open V” and also notes the stock has an “octagonal, ovoid butt. Butt and stock inlaid throughout with silver floral scrolls, and with silver applied plates depicting animals, amorini, and oriental figures under canopies. It is noted that its “provenance
and unusual character make it one of the most valuable pieces
in the collection. From the Spitzer Collection.” The later indicates
it was in the collection of Frederic Spitzer (1815-1890) who was a well-known dealer in the late 19th century and sold many ornate arms to Baron Adolphe de Rothschild and Sir Richard Wallace. It is noted as purchased by Hearst from Arnold Seligmann, Rey & Co., Inc. in 1924 for $1478.60 and as sold to Gimbel Bros., Inc., on March 30, 1943, for $370. It is recorded in “Inventaire General du Mobilier de la Couronne.”

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