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LOT 349
Framed Southern Alps NZ Landscape Oil Painting by F. Salmond - This painting depicts the Southern Alps mountain range in New Zealand. The Southern Alps mountains separate the more populace east side of the southern island of New Zealand from the west. The background of this 25 inch by 17 inch painting shows the grand mountain range’s snow covered peaks as they contrast with the grassland in the foreground. The painting is signed “F.Solmond” in the bottom left corner. It is housed in a gold painted carved wooden frame with a title plaque centered at the bottom. CONDITION: Very fine overall with bright colors and limited storage and handling marks on the frame. Estimate: 1,400 - 2,250
LOT 350
Framed River Rhine by Bacharach Oil Painting Signed by Alovs Lehmann - This painting depicts the town of Bacharch in the German Rhine River Valley. In the painting, we can see the quaint village on the left bank and a church on the right bank. There are people depicted playing on either side of the river and a small boat which appears to be moving from one bank to the other. On the right side, we see a person playing with a dog outside of a dark forest. The background shows the rolling hills of the valley with the remains of a castle on the highest hill of either side. The bottom left corner has the title of the painting, and the bottom right has the artist’s signature “Alovs Lehmann”. The painting is housed in a gold painted wooden frame carved in the style of a cast brass frame of the period. The painting and frame measure 27 1/2 inches by 32 inches.
CONDITION: Fine with storage and handling wear on the otherwise very good frame and vibrant colors in the painting.
Estimate: 1,500 - 2,500

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