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LOT 356
Attractive Acid Etched Suit of Victorian Armor - Serial no. NA. This is a finely crafted set of armor made during the Victorian period and has elements spanning multiple eras of European armor fashion. The suit shows beautiful acid etching covering a large portion of the surfaces throughout. The breastplate displays a phoenix crest flanked by a pair of phoenixes facing one another on either paldron. The armor is set on a leather mannequin, and the armor is full articulated with leather connections. Per the consignor, this suit, mail, and mannequin were refurbished and repaired by Tony Swatton of Sword and the Stone of Burbank, CA, a major producer of weapons and armor for Hollywood productions for over 25 years. The suit stands about 70 inches tall from the base to the top of the helm. Included with the armor is some information on Swatton and photographs of the armor before restoration. CONDITION: Very fine as restored by Tony Swatton, showing clear etching and bright finish with scattered areas of some minor discoloration. There is separation/damage on the backplate at the faulds. The leather is supple, and the articulation is very good. A very nice piece of Victorian and modern craftsmanship! Estimate: 5,500 - 8,500
      LOT 357
Scarce Etched Halberd with Two Built-In Wheellock Pistols - NSN, 48 cal., 4 5/8 inch round bbl., bright/black finish, hardwood stock. Though the writer believes this example to have been made in the Victorian Era, a very similar halberd that is part of the Royal Armouries Collection in the U.K. (Object # XIV.23) and noted as German from 1590, and others from the Germanic states in the late 16th century are also known. By that period, halberds were mostly obsolete as firearms became the dominant weapons in European warfare, but they continued to be used into the next century and beyond
for use by guards and as a symbol of rank for sergeants. An ornate halberd would have certainly been a flashy arm for an officer or royal guard. The metal components are almost entirely decorated with scroll patterns accented by vignettes of soldiers. The head is 15 inches long. The overall length is approximately 87 inches. The long blade is fluted on each side down the center in alignment with the pistol barrels. The locks are tripped by triggers around 30 inches down the haft that fold into the haft and have sliding covers to prevent them from accidentally being pulled. The multi-section haft also has etched panels on the upper section, and the lower section has a “blackthorn” appearance.
CONDITION: Very good with distinct etching, mild patination, some loose fit of some of the components, some small chips and flakes in the haft, and mild overall wear. Not mechanically tested.
Estimate: 4,000 - 6,500

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