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   LOT 359
Ornate Engraved and Inlaid Small Caliber (Tschinke) Wheellock Sporting Rifle - NSN, 32 cal., 33 1/8 inch octagon bbl., blue/bright/gold finish, hardwood stock. This rifle is similar to the example in the St. Louis Art Museum (object #73:1939) noted as “probably from the third quarter of the 17th century” in Cieszyn, Slaskie, Poland. “The name Tschinke derives from the city of Teschen (now Cieszyn in present-day Poland) where the rifles were produced. This light rifle for hunting birds and small game has a very distinctive form of wheel-lock ignition whose mechanism was mounted on the outside. The highly ornate decoration on this gun indicates that it was intended for a wealthy hunter.” Like their example, this rifle has extensive staghorn and mother-of-peal inlays along the stock in
primarily floral, fruit, and bestial patterns. The right side of the butt has a lion. The left stock flat has a small unicorn with over-sized horn and the left side of the butt has a classical figure and
supporters. The swamped barrel has a small brass blade front sight, covered notch rear sight, and simple floral engraving. The latter repeat on the lock which has the distinctive external mainspring. The engraving has gilt highlights. CONDITION: Fine with traces of original blue on the barrel, traces of gilt finish in the
engraving, gray and brown patina on the balance, some minor oxidation/pitting, and general mild wear. The stock is also fine and has crisp details on the inlays, some flakes around the lock mortise, a few repairs mainly in the forend edges, and mild overall wear. Lock not tested.
Estimate: 6,500 - 9,000
guard, buttplate, and accent plates throughout have chiseled scroll patterns inhabited by wyverns and masks in the iconic style of the Brescian gunmakers. The trigger is a pierced scroll and wyvern
design. The stock has a low cheek rest and is carved with a raised relief design of a stag’s head. The ramrod has an chiseled iron tip that coordinates with the rest of the gun.
CONDITION: Fine with distinct engraving and markings, smooth gray patina, some light oxidation/pitting, and mild overall wear. The stock is also fine and has crisp carving, smooth oiled finish, a thin crack at the
heel, some small flakes at the edges by the tail of the lock, and generally minor wear. The lock hangs up but is functional otherwise.
Estimate: 6,000 - 9,000
  LOT 360 Ornate Engraved, Relief Chiseled, and Carved Brescian Snaphance Sporting Gun - NSN, 32 gauge, 32 1/4 inch part round bbl., bright finish, walnut stock. Manufactured c. late 17th century in northern Italy. The barrel has a bead front sight, decorative ribs, girdled transition point, “LAZARO LAZARINO COMINAZZO” (noting the Cominazzo family renown for their barrels) on top at the breech, and a dished rear sight on the tang. The lock has classical martial trophies, a Roman style bust on the cock screw, another classical figure seated on arms on the plate, raised relief design including a bestial mask at the tail, and an automatically opening pan cover. The side plate, trigger

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