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      inlaid on the breech section, coordinating classical soldiers and martial trophies on the lock and trigger guard bow, cast brass furniture with ornate scroll and floral patterns, a coronet and lion supporters on the wrist escutcheon, boar engraved at the heel, lions on the intricate pierced side plate, horn forend cap and patchbox lid inlay, and raised relief carved scroll patterns and fine molding on the full-length walnut stock, and “S” marked behind the trigger guard. CONDITION: Fine with attractive Damascus patterns and silver-gray patina on the barrel along with some splotches of varnish, natural aged patina on the silver inlay, light fire blue finish on the pan, silver-gray on the lock, and aged
patina on the brass furniture. The refinished stock is also fine and has crisp carving,
a few minor flakes and dings, and mild edge wear. Mechanically fine.
Estimate: 3,500 - 5,000
The furniture is gilt brass. The wrist escutcheon has an unidentified family crest with three stars, mermaids holding a fleur-de-lis, and a knight’s helm. A “3” is carved into the wood above the tail of the side plate and also marked on the mainspring. The side plate has a design
of a Luna in a sleigh pulled by a pair of stags. The buttplate has a scene of a hunter and his dogs fighting a bear. The trigger
guard has dogs subduing a large stag. There are also masks and scroll patterns on the furniture. The stock has raised
relief scroll carving, a horn forend cap, and large cheek rest.
CONDITION: Good as reconverted to flintlock configuration (vent not fully drilled) with gray and brown patina along the barrel, most of the gold inlay remaining on the breech markings, traces of original gilt finish on the lock and furniture, and crisp designs and markings. Several small parts have been replaced. The refinished stock is good and has multiple cracks and repairs, mostly crisp carving, and some dents and scratches. Mechanically fine.
Estimate: 4,000 - 6,000
 LOT 363
Desirable Engraved and Raised Relief Carved Flintlock Jaeger Rifle - NSN, 58 cal., 29 3/8 inch octagon bbl., bright finish, walnut stock. This fine 18th century jaeger rifle has round bottom rifling in the bore of the swamped Damascus barrel, blade and notch sights, adjustable double set triggers, a silver inlaid classical soldier, martial trophies and scroll patterns
LOT 364
Gilt Engraved Flintlock Jaeger Rifle with 1719 Dated Spanish Barrel - NSN, 65 cal., 28
7/8 inch octagon bbl., blue/gold finish, walnut stock. This rifle is one of a number of Germanic
jaeger rifles with barrels marked for Diego Esquibel of Madrid (c. 1694-1732) in the early 18th century. The barrel has a textured pattern, blade and notch sights, “Es Madrid” (upper left), “Anno 1719” (top), and “Es quibel”. (upper right) inlaid in gold; gold filled sunken markings including a cross and floral designs, Esquibel’s maker’s mark, and a stag mark, and smooth patent breech. The lock has a relief engraved lioness at the rear and a scene of a dog and stag at the center along with scroll accents.

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