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   LOT 370
Framed Painting of a Sheep Herding Scene by
Franz De Beul - This painting shows a shepherd
tending to his flock in a pasture. The shepherd in
the scene appears to be resting while the sheep
graze. Franz De Beul was a Belgian painter most
well known for scenes similar to this one. The
bottom left corner of the painting features the
artist’s signature. On rear of canvas is painted by
the artist, “I declare that this painting has been
painted by myself to the order of Meys. Rjabriel & Larry of New York Franz De Beul.” The painting is housed in a brown and gold painted wooden frame.
Painting and frame measure 23 1/2 inches by 32 1/2 inches.
CONDITION: Fine with restoration to lower canvas, some storage and handling marks on the frame and a slightly age darkened image.
Estimate: 1,500 - 2,500
  LOT 371
Framed Landscape Scene Oil Painting by
George Peter with Milwaukee Journal’s
Gallery of Wisconsin Art Tag on Back - This
painting depicts a landscape scene of two boys
fishing in a river just past a small waterfall. In
the background just beyond the tree line are
the rooftops of a small town with rolling hills
behind the town. The painting is housed in a gold
painted, large wooden frame carved with a floral
motif. It is signed in the bottom left “GEO. PETER”,
the signature of landscape artist George Peter. On the back is the tag, “The Milwaukee Journal’s Gallery of Wisconsin Art, George Peter, 804 Chestnut St. Title Landscape in Milwaukee Wis.” The painting and frame measure 24 1/2 inches by 35 inches. A very nice original oil painting
by a known Wisconsin artist.
CONDITION: Very fine overall with limited handling marks on the frame. Estimate: 2,500 - 5,000

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