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  LOT 372
Silver Inlaid Wheellock Pistols with Beautiful Figural Carved Pommels -A) Wheellock Pistol - NSN, 56 cal., 15 1/8 inch part octagon bbl., silver/blue finish, hardwood stock. The included letter from Dick Reyes on Fort Carson Antiques-Guns, Inc. letterhead from 1975 indicates these pistols were previously in the “Victor McLaughlin collection” and adds that McLaughlin was a famous actor who had died several years prior. He is likely referring to Victor McLaglen who is famous for films such as “The Informer” and also appeared in westerns with John Wayne. Reyes also noted that they “were probably made for the Mediterranean trade for some very important person.”The metal components feature raised scroll, floral, and Greco-Roman mythology themed designs in silver with the heads of the harpy design near the muzzles serving as the front sights. The top jaws have silver bestial masks. The replacement stocks have inlaid silver wire scrollwork and horn forend caps.

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