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      LOT 375
Attractive Pair of Chiseled and Pierced Early Italian Flintlock Pistols
-A) Italian Flintlock Pistol - NSN, 54 cal., 12 1/2 inch round bbl., bright finish, walnut stock. These beautiful
Italian flintlock pistols feature the incredible metalwork the Brescian
region is well-known for. The barrels have a complex chevron design
on the fore-sections, chiseled floral designs and girdles at the transition
points, ribbed breech sections signed “+LAZARINO+COMINAZZO+”, and
ribbed borders at the breech ends. The locks are signed “Franco: Garatto.
Ba.”The markings are for Lazarino Cominazzo III and Francesco/Francisco
Garatto, each active in the mid to late 17th century. Similar pistols with
Lazarino Cominazzo markings are featured in many prominent institutional collections and have been dated to around
the 1680s, and this pair certainly exceeds many of them in their overall quality. The locks feature raised relief and intaglio designs, including a wyvern type beast on the tails, serpents on the
cocks, scroll patterns, and floral accents. The triggers have pierced
serpent designs, and the trigger guards and pommel caps also
have coordinating designs with the locks. The stocks have attractive
fluting and molding along the forends and are decorated with panels of pierced and engraved metalwork with floral, scroll, and bestial designs. The ramrods have sculpted monkey designs with pierced elements giving them extra detail. Monkeys are interesting details occasionally scene on Brescian pistols but
generally only rarely scene on European firearms.
CONDITION: Very good with an attractive “gunmetal” gray patina on
the iron throughout, generally distinct designs and markings, some
very minor spotting and isolated pitting, and mild overall wear. The stock is good with repairs in the forend, partially worn carving on the forend, cracks on the right below the nose of the lock and lower wrist,
and general mild age and storage related wear overall such as occasional
dings and scratches. Mechanically fine.
B) Italian Flintlock Pistol - NSN, 54 cal., 12 1/2 inch round bbl.,
bright finish, absent stock. See “A.”
CONDITION: Very good with mostly an attractive “gunmetal” gray
patina on the metal throughout, generally distinct designs overall,
crisp markings, some spots of oxidation and mild pitting, and generally
mild overall wear. The stock is fair and has a few cracks, chips, and
repairs including a break through the forend at the upper ramrod
pipe and mild age and storage wear overall. Mechanically fine. This
is a very attractive pair of Brescian flintlock pistols with the markings
of one of the region’s best known makers.
Estimate: 18,000 - 27,500

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