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    LOT 398
Very Fine & Exceptionally Rare Engraved
W.W. Greener 8 Bore “Facile Princeps” Double
Barrel “Grade FHT45” Ejector Duck Gun with
Case - Serial no. 57030, 8 gauge, 32 inch bbl.,
blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. This fine
gun was completed in 1908 and sold in America
in 1911 featuring the Baker patent forearm ejector
system. With blued barrels each finely engraved
with sprays of foliate scrollwork at the breech end.
Raised flat matted rib with large bead front sight, signed “W.W.
SQUARE. BIRMINGHAM.”, and with rib extension. Casehardened treble grip bolstered action with serpentine fences, signed “W.W.
GREENER” on each side on the bolster, and with casehardened action floor plate, Greener cross bolt and blued toplever. Blued side
mounted Greener patent safety catch with gold inlaid “SAFE” and casehardened trigger guard engraved “GRADE F.H.T.45”. The whole
engraved with fine scrollwork. The underside of the barrels and the water table with Birmingham nitro proof marks and Greener
“Elephant” trademarks. Well figured 14 1/4 inch semi-pistol grip stock including rubber recoil pad, inset with dark horn drop points,
and with checkered grip and forearm. The forearm with Deeley & Edge fastener and large green horn tip. The underside of the butt with blank gold
oval initial escutcheon. Weight 11 lbs. 2.5 oz. In brass cornered fitted leather case, probably original, lined in red baize, the lid with gilt lettered leather W.W. Greener trade label. With some accessories including large Greener oil bottle.
CONDITION: Barrels retaining 90% of their older reblued finish, some minor muzzle rub, signature, rib matting and breech end engraving crisp. Action retaining 90% original strong casehardened finish with crisp engraving. Stock with occasional minor storage and handling blemish and a small crack coming off the left side of the triggerplate. Case generally good condition, some age related external wear and rubbing and staining to lining.
Provenance: The Malcolm King Collection.
Estimate: 9,000 - 16,000
LOT 399
Rare Engraved W.W. Greener 8 Bore Double Barrel “Facile Princeps” Non-Ejector Duck Gun
with Case - Serial no. 31225, 8 gauge, 36 inch bbl., brown/ casehardened/blue finish, walnut stock. Completed in circa 1886,
with browned damascus steel barrels with concave rib fitted with a bead
LONDON GUN TRIALS, 1875, 1877, 1878 & 1879” and “PATENT TREBLE WEDGE
FAST NO. 3084” at the rib extension. The underside of the barrels with original Birmingham “NOT
FOR BALL” black powder proof marks and Birmingham nitro reproof marks for 3 1⁄4 inch chamber.
Casehardened action engraved with double border lines throughout with flourishes of scrollwork
and signed “W.W. GREENER” on each side within a ribbon, the watertable struck with the Greener “Elephant” trademark and “W.W. GREENER
PATENT NO. 930”. Blued toplever, action floorplate, patent side-mounted safety catch and trigger guard. Figured 14 1⁄2 inch semi-pistol grip
stock including extension and rubber recoil pad, checkered grip and forearm, the last with dark horn tip and Deeley & Edge fastener. Weight
12 lbs. 15.7oz. In brass cornered fitted leather case lined in red baize, the lid with black leather W.W. Greener trade label with gilt lettering.
CONDITION: Barrels with attractive damascus twist, retaining 90% thinning older rebrowned finish with blued finish to the flats indicating the barrels were at some stage blued
(as was the fashion after the common introduction of steel barrels), the rib signature clear but slightly softened. Action retaining 30% fading original casehardened finish, engraving sharp. The toplever, action floorplate, safety catch and trigger guard with older reblued finish. Straight grain semi-pistol grip stock with well defined checkering, cleaned and reoiled with a few scattered light handling marks. Mechanically excellent. Case in good condition, restored at each end.
Provenance: The Malcolm King Collection.
   246 Estimate: 8,000 - 13,000

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