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 Extremely Fine Factory Engraved, Presentation Inscribed Colt Detective Special Double Action Revolver with Factory Letter
   LOT 504
Historic Documented Factory Engraved Colt First Issue Detective Special Double Action Revolver Inscribed
to Oakland County, Michigan Sheriff Frank Schram with a Bullet Damaged Notebook Attributed to a
1921 Gun Fight, Two Badges, 1928 Annual Report from the Oakland County Auditors, Original Box, and Factory Letter - Serial no. 398804, 38 special cal., 2 inch round bbl., nickel finish, pearl grips. Manufactured in 1930, this intriguing Colt Detective Special revolver was factory engraved and likely factory inscribed for Frank Schram.
In 1924, Schram was elected sheriff of Oakland County, Michigan, which encompasses the northwest suburbs of Detroit. Schram was subsequently re-elected multiple times including in 1930, when this revolver was likely presented as a gift. The included factory letter confirms the current configuration including the pearl grips and engraving (not specifically the inscription), as well as shipment to Lou J. Eppinger, a large sporting goods supplier in Detroit, on 18 December 1930. The revolver itself has standard markings as well as masterfully executed, near full coverage, factory floral scroll engraving, the inscription “Frank Schram” down the back strap, and is fitted with a pair of smooth pearl grips with Colt medallions. An included 1928 annual report from the Oakland County Board of Auditors features a picture of Schram that year, and tucked into the book is
a larger photo print of the same picture. Two gold plated police badges are also included, both inscribed to Schram. One is his under-sheriff badge, a position he held from 1921-1924, and the other his sheriff badge. Perhaps the most interesting inclusion in the lot however is a notebook, which by all indications belonged to, then under-sheriff, Frank Schram. The notebook includes notes on various policing and patrol activities from the Spring of 1921 and appears to have a .32 to .38 caliber size bullet whole which enters the back cover, travels through all of the pages, before not completely exiting the back cover. At least two newspaper articles from 27 May 1921 from Detroit and Lansing, Michigan indicate that the previous day Schram and another deputy had been involved in a shootout with four armed men, listed in one of the articles as Italians, who were wanted for a previous home invasion and robbery. The two deputies had confronted the men who opened fire on them, with one of the suspects being killed and another wounded before the remaining two surrendered.

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