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       Their quality of manufacture is without question, even surpassing that
of some of the best Colt manufactured automatics, and certainly being
the finest of the World War II production 1911A1 pistols. There is the fact that these pistols were issued and carried by young men of “the greatest generation”, many of whom were flying high over Europe and the Pacific, and many of whom never returned home. And finally, that they are a palpable piece of the awakening of American industrial might, and an enduring symbol of this country’s ability to adapt and overcome. If the Singer sewing machine company could make a weapon as fine as this, then there was nothing we couldn’t overcome in World War II.
CONDITION: Very fine, retains 60% plus of the original Du-Lite blue finish with the balance having mostly thinned to a smooth grey patina, primarily on edges and the grip straps, and a few scattered patches of very light pinprick type surface pitting. The grips are also very fine with a few scattered light blemishes in the overall crisp checkering. Mechanically fine as the
slide does not lock open. A Singer Model 1911A1 in this exceptionally fine condition would easily become the centerpiece of all but the most extensive U.S. military automatic pistol collections!
Provenance: The Dr. Robert Azar Collection.
Estimate: 55,000 - 85,000

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