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     CONDITION: Excellent, the 1903 rifle retains 95% plus of its late 1918 armory finish with some slight thinning/ wear on the floorplate. The stock and handguard are both in very fine condition with a nice matching medium brown color on the wood overall, and distinct cartouches and proofs. B) 1918 Mark-I Pedersen Device - Serial no. 39354, 30 Auto cal., parkerized finish. As described in “A”.
CONDITION: The 1918 Mark-I Pedersen Device is in very fine condition with much of its original finish showing slight wear and thinning overall from hand cycling or light firing. The rare metal scabbard for the device and the magazine are all in excellent condition with 95% of their original metal finish have slightly thinned and browned out overall. The cotton bandoleer is in good condition showing spotting and fading but still complete with
clear ink markings on the face. The three 200 round sleeves inside are in good condition with the outer boxes showing light fraying and deterioration from age and clear distinct manufacturers markings on the outside. A really super nice, high condition, complete M1903 Springfield Mark I rifle rig with Mark-I Pedersen device and extensive accessories.
Provenance: The George Moller Collection.
Estimate: 30,000 - 45,000

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