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The Only Known Pedersen Model GY Semi-Automatic Rifle in Private Circulation
Extremely Rare Pedersen Model GY Self-Loading Rifle Serial Number 4 - Serial no. 4, 30-06 cal., 22 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. This is an extremely rare early semi-automatic prototype rifle that was developed by firearms inventor John D. Pedersen. It was originally designed to compete with the M1 Garand rifle circa 1939. Following the Army’s decision to develop the .276 semi-automatic rifle invented by John C. Garand in 1931 rather than the Pedersen T1 Autoloading Rifle, John Pedersen developed the GY Self Loading rifle. The GY rifle was chambered for the .30-06 cartridge and combined features of both the M1 Garand and Pedersen T1 rifles. The GY rifle had a gas cylinder, hand guard, operating rod and new “telescoping” rotating bolt. The rifle retained the en-bloc clip, spiral-ribbed barrel, drum rear sight and walnut stock with grasping grooves and cooling vents that were features on the T1 Pedersen rifle. This rifle has been further modified by the incorporation of a “stripper clip” guide on the left rear side of the receiver. The left side of the receiver is marked with the serial number “4” followed by the legend: “PEDERSEN SELF- LOADING RIFLE/MODEL GY CAL.30.U.S.” in two-lines, and “GY4” is also
 LOT 564
stamped on the top of the operating rod. The top of the bolt lug is scribed “P/4”, and the top of the receiver is stamped with a single “P” firing proof.

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