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BIG .50
The top barrel flat is
stamped with the two-line
address legend ahead of the
rear sight and “50 EX” at the
breech. The upper left barrel
flat is stamped “NICKEL
STEEL.” A Winchester factory
oval proof is stamped on
the barrel and receiver. The
lower tang has the patent
dates marking as well as the
serial number. The straight
grip stock is fitted with a
casehardened crescent
buttplate. The hammer and
lever are also casehardened.
The remaining surfaces
are blued. Released in
1893-1894, the .50 Express
cartridge was one of
the most powerful commercial cartridges available at the time, being very comparable to the safari cartridges favored by European sportsmen. Demand for the cartridge in the United States was low however, and relatively few of these rifles were manufactured, making them an extremely desirable piece in today’s collector’s market!
CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 98% plus bright original highly polished blue finish with some scratches visible on the forend cap and some wear from the rear sight. Most of the original niter blue remain on the loading gate. 97% vivid original case colors remain on the hammer and lever. 85% faded original case colors remain on the buttplate. The wood is also excellent with some scattered minor dings and scratches. Mechanically excellent. An outstanding Winchester Model 1886 Rifle chambered in the sought after .50 Express caliber that is a must have for any serious Winchester collector.
Estimate: 45,000 - 70,000

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