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    LOT 610
Scarce Solothurn S18-1000
Semi-Automatic Anti-Tank Rifle, 50 Caliber Conversion, with Case and Accessories - Serial no. 1168, 50 cal., 55 inch round
bbl., blue finish, metal stock. Originally developed by Rheinmetall, the constraints of the Versailles Treaty forced them to go to Solothurn
in Switzerland for production, with this example made in 1940. A heavy, machined steel beast of a weapon, contemporary reports list the
S-18 as capable of 20mm penetration at 100 yards. While the armor trends of World War II eventually made it obsolete in the anti-tank
role, they continued in use as aircraft armament, anti-aircraft guns, and in what is now known as the “anti-materiel” role, smashing
up enemy vehicles and equipment. In addition to use by Nazi Germany, the S-18/1000 was also adopted by the Italians, seeing use
on the African Front as armament for the L3/35 ‘tankette’, as well as being used by the Italian Social Republic into the last days of the
War in Europe. This example has been rebarreled for 50 caliber (exact chambering not noted by consignor, but likely 50 BMG), which makes
it a “rifle” as defined by the National Firearms Act instead of a “destructive device”; as long as this rifle is not matched up with an original
20mm barrel, it will not require a tax stamp. Fitted with a folding blade front and adjustable tangent rear sight, with a ported muzzle brake,
the model marking and manufacture date on the chamber area, and an integral scope that doubles as the base for the rear sight. A large
crank with a rubberized handle serves as the cocking mechanism, with a hardwood grip and a thick, rubberized recoil pad is installed at the
rear. The formidable mass of the rifle is supported by a front bipod and rear monopod. Included with the rifle is a hardwood transport case, painted green with Wehrmacht-style white stenciling, eight extra magazines, two magazine transport cases, a collection of leather straps and tool packs, and a 1944 dated parts/accessories list.
CONDITION: Very good as refurbished/rebarreled, with 75% of the high polish blue, showing mild edge wear, light handling marks, and slight thinning. The optics are in good order. Mechanically untested, with the breech stuck in the closed position. The case has a damaged latch and mild wear overall, with the accessories showing wear appropriate to age. Provenance: The Allan Cors Collection.
Estimate: 8,000 - 13,000
      Massive and sive VKT Lahti L-39 (20 pst kiv/39) 20mm Semi- Automatic Anti-Tank Gun, Class III/NFA Destructive Device
- Serial no. 666, 20 mm (Cannon) cal., 51 inch round bbl., blue finish, hardwood stock. Introduced in 1939 and rushed into service for the Winter War, the Lahti L-39 fires a 20mm anti-tank round from a top-loaded magazine and was capable of successfully engaging the Soviet armor of the era. It was fielded under the nomenclature “20 pst kiv/39” (as seen on this example). Measuring taller than a man and weighing in at close to 110 pounds, the L-39 is fitted with a ported muzzle brake, a long vented hardwood barrel shroud, left-offset blade and tangent sights, a dual-mode bipod with brass covered wood skids and swing-out spiked legs, crank-action cocking handle, smooth hardwood grips with an oversized steel handguard, wooden cheekpiece, and an adjustable rubber recoil pad. The left side of the receiver bears the military nomenclature and “VKT” logo. Included with the lot are two extra magazines. CONDITION: Fine, with 80% of the original blue finish, showing areas of brown patina, flecking of what appears to be white paint, and mild handing marks. The barrel is mixed numbered (“691”), with other visible external numbers matching the receiver. The barrel shroud shows splits and cracks, and a screw is absent from the cheekpiece, otherwise the furniture is in good order. Mechanically excellent. NOTE: This Destructive Device is a National Firearms Act (NFA), fully transferable Class 3, which is registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, (BATFE) under the provisions of 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44 and 27 CFR part 478. Estimate: 7,500 - 11,000
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