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    Collector’s Fact
It is estimated that only 200 were ever imported into the United States.
 LOT 675
Extremely Rare Sport-System Dittrich (SSD) Model
PTR44 Semi-Automatic Rifle - Serial no. 0772, 7.92
x 33mm Kurz cal., 16 1/2 inch round bbl., blue finish,
walnut stock. Manufactured about 2010 by Sport-System Dittrich of Germany and imported
by PTR-91 Incorporated of Connecticut, this is a very scarce and desirable semi-automatic commercial copy of the WWII German
MP43/44 Sturmgewehr assault rifle. Appropriate adjustments have been made for closed bolt, semi-auto only operation, otherwise
the design hews as close as reasonably possible to the vintage Sturmgewehr. Quantities are limited, with only about 200 believed to
have been imported to the USA due to the limitations on production and importation. Blade front and tangent rear sights, with the serial number and
“PTR44” on the left side of the stamped sheet metal frame, and “MADE IN GERMANY BY SSD for PTR91 Inc. Farmington, Connecticut USA” on the right side
of the frame, which is fitted with a tack-welded scope rail in emulation of some known wartime StGs which were equipped with ZF4 sniper scopes. Fitted with a pair of ribbed pistol grips and a hardwood buttstock with ribbed naked butt and steel reinforced toe and heel. Magazine absent.
CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 99% plus original blue finish with some minor handling marks. Mechanically excellent. A scarce opportunity to own an extremely rare semi-automatic manufactured version of the iconic German MP43/44 Sturmgewehr assault rifle, which inspired many major firearms companies
in the following decades.
Estimate: 12,000 - 18,000
LOT 676
Mag Arms 510-2 SIG AMT Style Semi-Automatic
Rifle - Serial no. A304733, 7.62 mm Nato cal., 26 inch round bbl., black finish,
metal stock. Manufactured by Mag Arms of Fort Worth, Texas as a semi-automatic version
of the Swiss 510-2 battle rifle. Flip up front blade and adjustable peep rear sights, ported muzzle brake, vented barrel
shroud, folding bipod, ribbed handguard, new production semi-automatic lower receiver marked “MAG ARMS/510-2/CAL 7.62 NATO/FT. WORTH. TX” with semi-automatic only three position “M” safety. Upper receiver with the cross in shield stamp, fold down winter trigger, serrated pistol grip, and fixed buttstock with a rubberized serrated butt. Includes leather sling. CONDITION: Very good, retaining 85% original black finish with scattered handling marks. Furniture set is very good as well with scattered dings, scratches, and scuffs. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 7,000 - 9,000

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