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    LOT 749
Excellent Milestone 100,000 Serial Number Colt Trooper MK III Double Action
Revolver with Box - Serial no. 100000J, 357 magnum cal., 6 inch solid rib bbl., blue
finish, walnut grips. Manufactured in the 1970s. Standard markings and features.
Includes original Colt two piece “woodgrain” box marked “J100000” on the end label,
test target numbered “J100000”, and shipping sleeve with a November 9th, 1972 dated
label on the outside addressed to a P.O. box in Connecticut with special note “DELIVER
TO RON LACKIE”, and hand written in pen on the outside “Mr. Lackie/J100000” and “P.O.
put this by Don Mitchell/good for presentation”. At the time, Don Mitchell was the Vice
President of marketing at Colt. This revolver, being a milestone production piece, would
have been sent to his attention for consideration. Don Mitchell would later become
President of High Standard, then President of Ithaca, then Mitchell Arms and Mitchell’s
Mausers. Although the box and included target are marked “J100000” this revolver is actually marked with the serial number “100000J” and runs in the series of MK IIIs with the letter J before the number. According to Colt factory serial number lists, production serial numbers of MK IIIs reset to a different numbering sequence with the J after the numbers right after this 100,000th gun, making this somewhat of an interesting factory error in that it actually has the J after the number. Comes with a letter of provenance stating this revolver was once owned by former Colt Senior Vice President John Fiedler.
CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 99% plus original blue finish with some oxidation on the rear sight, cylinder drag line, crisp grip checkering, and a few minor handling marks. Mechanically excellent. Box is very good with water stains. A scarce opportunity to own a milestone Colt revolver.
Estimate: 4,000 - 5,000
LOT 751
Ben Shostle Master Engraved
Colt Python Double Action
Revolver - Serial no. E71532, 357
magnum cal., 4 inch vent rib bbl.,
blue finish, stag grips. Manufactured in 1975 with standard
markings and features as well as 50% coverage floral scroll
and geometric engraving on a matted background with two
bands towards the rear of the cylinder. The engraving was executed by Master Engraver Ben Shostle. His signature “SHOSTLE” can be found above the left grip panel. During his life, Ben Shostle was the founder and former president of the Firearms Engravers Guild
of America.
CONDITION: Excellent as embellished by Master Engraver Ben Shostle, retaining 99% plus professionally refinished blue finish with limited handling marks and crisp engraving. The grips are also excellent with limited handling marks. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 4,000 - 6,000
Revolver with Factory
Letter - Serial no. 7309, 357 magnum cal., 6 inch round bbl., nickel finish, walnut grips. The included factory letter lists this revolver as
having a 6 inch barrel chambered in .357 Magnum with blue finish and type of stocks not listed when shipped to Lt. Col. Thomas W. DeMint
(1910-1997) in Falls Church Virginia on January 24, 1956. Further included biographical documentation and numerous photos and newspaper articles over the course of his career shows DeMint served among other assignments as a public relations officer for Sixth Service Command where he was awarded the Legion of Merit
ollowing World War II for “exceptionally meritorious service in gaining civilian understanding and acceptance of War Department objectives, securing thereby popular co-operation in manning vital manufacturing facilities.” He also served as Instructor of Military Science and Tactics and Liaison Chief at the Anniston Army Depot. The
etter goes on to state this revolver was purchased by DeMint for his son, Thomas DeMint Jr. as a gift for his high chool graduation in May 1956 and was presented to him engraved and nickel plated. Thomas DeMint Jr., would
go on to work for the J. Walter Thompson Agency, the largest advertising agency in the world at the time, for 33 years. According to an included letter, he kept this revolver and shot it throughout his adult life until selling t in 2018. Engraved with profuse floral scroll engraving with a punch dot background which covers 95% of the
evolver including the front sight. The right side features a cowboy about to throw a lasso on horseback at a
teer which is rendered just below the cylinder. A bison portrait is also engraved where the barrel fits into the rame on the right side. A blank inscription plate is engraved on the trigger guard. The engraved panel scenes of he cowboy and bison are identically executed on a Smith & Wesson K-38 pictured on page 38 of “Gun Engraving
Review” by E.C. “Jack” Prudhomme (1961), and attributed to an unknown German engraver. Many American military personal, especially officers, are known to have had guns engraved in Germany. It is possible that Lt. Col. DeMint did so with this Colt. Fitted with original full-checkered walnut target grips with silver Colt medallions. CONDITION: Very fine as professionally embellished and nickel plated, retaining 98% plus bright nickel finish with crisp engraving and some faint frosting. Grips are also very fine with minor handling marks.
Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 4,500 - 6,500
     LOT 752
Attractive Panel Scene Engraved
Colt 357 Model Double Action
l s
i r s f t
LOT 750
Scarce Colt Kodiak Double Action Revolver with Box - Serial no. CKA1890, 44 Magnum cal., 6 inch vent rib bbl., stainless steel finish, rubber grips. Manufactured in 1994 as one of 2,000 of this special run of Colt Anacondas with a ported barrel and unfluted cylinder. Includes original picture sleeve box and factory blue hard case.
CONDITION: Excellent with scattered light handling marks, visible cylinder drag line, and some minor flash marks on the cylinder face. Mechanically excellent. Box is fair with corner and edge wear overall and detached end flap. Estimate: 4,500 - 7,500

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