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1880’s Era Craps Table Attributed to the
Crystal Palace Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona - This craps table is attributed to the Crystal Palace Saloon
of Tombstone, Arizona. Tombstone became a very famous mining town in the American West and
    was the sight of the notorious gunfight at the OK Corral, which pitted the Earp brothers, including Wyatt, Doc Holliday, and a handful
of other lawmen, against a band of stagecoach robbing Cochise County Cowboys. Craps would have been a popular gambling game
in the saloons of any western boom town that was seeing an influx of people and money due to local mining. Included with the table
is a notarized letter from Sara E. Love, who along with her husband Harold purchased the Crystal Palace Saloon, OK Corral, the Epitaph
Building, and Scheiffelin Hall in the 1950s, when the table was discovered in the basement of the saloon. Also included is a 2007 dated letter from the Tombstone Western Heritage Museum detailing how the table was acquired by them from the Loves. The table itself appears standard, including the wall ring (mirrors absent), two pairs of legs with a center support beam, and the playing surface measuring approximately 108 x 51 inches.
CONDITION: Very good. The playing surface is fair with extensive staining, fading, and tears, while the wood ring and legs are good with some cracking, wear and handling marks throughout. There appear to be two upper support beams and some mounting hardware that are absent. A very interesting, hard to find, piece of Wild West history!
Estimate: 6,000 - 8,000
     LOT 56
Two Framed Cowboy Themed Paintings by S.P. Stevens - 1) Oil painting of a cowboy bust with one arm pointing
a revolver into the sky
on a white background.
Framed in a simple raw
wood frame. 2) Oil painting
of a cowboy bust with a
cigarette hanging out of
his mouth and a hand in a
similar position to “1”. The
background is a desert
scene. Framed in a similar
frame to “1”. Both are signed
“S.P. STEVENS/’54” in the
bottom right and measure
37 inches by 31 inches.
CONDITION: Both are very fine overall, with limited storage and handling marks overall and vibrant colors.
Provenance: The Doug Ellison Collection.
Estimate: 1,400 - 2,250
LOT 57
Three Native
American Photograph
Portraits by Russell Trall Neville - 1) Framed “Juan of Taos”
by Russell Trall Neville depicting a Native American man with traditional Native American braids and modern clothing. Photograph and frame measure 22 inches by 19 inches. 2) Untitled and unsigned photograph portrait of a Native American man, similar in style to Neville, with traditional Native American braids and modern clothing. Photograph and frame measure 26 inches by 20 1/2 inches. 3) Framed “Tesuque Mary” by Russell Trall Neville depicting an older Native American woman with traditional clothing and jewelry. Photograph and frame measure 24 3/4 inches by 20 1/2 inches. All three photographs are framed with cream matting and wooden frames.
CONDITION: Excellent overall with clear photographs and limited handling marks on the frames.
Estimate: 1,500 - 2,500

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