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 Desirable Early American U.S. Martial Contract Rifles with Pennsylvania History
   LOT 140
Rare and Desirable Documented Jacob Dickert Pennsylvania Militia Contract Flintlock American Long Rifle with Bayonet - NSN, 56 cal., 38 inch octagon bbl., brown/bright finish, maple stock. From the 1760s to his death in 1822 Jacob Dickert was both a military contractor and a respected Lancaster
   County, Pennsylvania, gunmaker. Dickert was born in Germany in 1740 and arrived in the colonies in 1748 with his parents. He is believed to have made weapons for the Continental Army and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania during the revolution, but his first known contract is dated 1792. He owned a gun barrel boring mill a few miles from his gun factory in Manheim Township. He later took his grandson on as an apprentice and then business partner. Dickert’s rifles are rare and highly sought after today. Pictured and discussed on page 310 of “American Military Shoulder Arms, Volume II: From the 1790s to the End of the Flintlock Period” by George Moller, and the signature of the rifle is shown on page 312. He states: “This very plain brass-mounted Jacob Dickert rifle is attributed to Pennsylvania militia purchase during
the War of 1812.” This rifle has his subtle “GDM” collection mark ahead of the toe plate. The barrel has traditional low profile blade and notch sights and is signed “J [crossed tomahawk and arrow touch mark] Dickert” behind the rear sight (see page 81 of “Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in Its Golden Age”). The muzzle section is turned down to tapered round ahead of the forend tip for a socket bayonet. Moller notes that the bayonet used with it may have been friction fit or secured by a set-screw. A socket bayonet made to fit the rifle is included. The lock is signed “SWEITZER” (backward Z). It has a plain single trigger and is mounted with brass furniture including a simple patch box. The curly maple stock is nicely figured but plainly finished and has an incised line border on the cheek rest. CONDITION: Very good as restored and reconverted to flintlock configuration with gray and brown patina, mild pitting at the breech, aged patina on the brass, several rectangular spliced repairs in the stock, nice flame figure concentrated showing through dark finish, some thin cracks, chip by the vent, and general mild wear. Mechanically fine. Provenance: The George Moller Collection. Estimate: 6,500 - 11,000
LOT 141
Scarce Documented Pennsylvania State Contract George W. Tryon Flintlock
Rifle - Serial no. CP164, 62 smoothbore cal., 39 3/4 inch octagon bbl., brown finish, walnut
stock. This rifle is shown and this model type is discussed on pages 305-307 of “American Military Shoulder Arms, Volume 2: From the 1790s to the End of the Flintlock Period” by George Moller and has his small “GDM” mark by the toe. He notes there were 100 of these rifles procured in late 1814 or 1815 after the Pennsylvania governor’s July 14, 1814, order. It has blade and notch sights, “TRYON PHILADA” on the top barrel flat, “CP164” on the upper left flat at the breech, “TRYON” on the lock, “CP164” repeated on the left stock flat along with “V/F. GOETZ,” brass furniture including a Model 1814 style patchbox, and a full-length walnut stock with rounded, swept back cheek piece. CONDITION: Very good as reconverted to flintlock configuration. The breech section of the barrel and the lock have a mix of dark blue-brown patina, and the balance of the barrel has a lighter gray and brown patina. Both have generally mild pitting, and there is some moderate pitting around the vent. The brass furniture has an attractive aged patina. The stock is also very good and has some splits and slivers absent in the forend, flash wear around the breech, thin tension crack and some flaking at the rear lock screw, and light dings and scratches. Mechanically fine. Provenance: The George Moller Collection. Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000
LOT 142 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Flintlock Musket - NSN, 69 cal., 44 inch round bbl., bright finish, walnut stock. This early national period musket has “CP” on the tail of the lock and breech end of the barrel for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania along with the “liberty cap/P” proof on the barrel at the breech. The inside of the lock is marked “IK.” The left stock flat has “XVII.” It has a bayonet stud on top at the muzzle and a blade front sight on the rear strap of the upper barrel band. The left side of the comb appears to be carved with “tt.” George Moller’s “GDM” collection mark is by the toe. Fitted with a black leather sling. CONDITION: Fair overall with mottled gray and brown patina and mild oxidation/pitting, distorted muzzle and bayonet stud, replaced frizzen and side plate, some cracks, chips, and repairs in the stock; general mild scrapes and dings, and distinct markings on the lock and barrel. Provenance: The George Moller Collection. Estimate: 1,600 - 2,500

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