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of Legends
the calloused brutality of war. They are history and technology. Perhaps
most importantly, they provide a tangible
  link to the past. To know a firearm’s story and
to hold it in your hand is to stand awestruck in the footsteps of those who held it first. It is to appreciate the same qualities decades or even centuries apart. It is to become the next step in a legacy, and to enjoy the pride that brings.
Far and away, the most prolific purveyor of high quality, collector firearms in
the world today is Rock Island Auction Company – a title they’ve held undisputed since 2003. The business has passed from father to son, an appropriate coincidence given that outdoorsman traditions and the gentleman’s pursuit of arms collecting have long been legacy activities. Passed from generation to generation, family military weapons, memory-saturated hunting arms, and fine collector firearms all carry with them the gravitas of what we cherish most: tradition, family, pursuit, sacrifice, and a respect for those that came before us.
While RIAC is known world-wide for offering 7- and 6-figure firearms, their offerings are available to collectors of any experience level. This is practically a necessity given the new clientele they continue to add to their ranks, including art collectors, investors, sportsmen, historians, or those who simply find beauty in an exciting and unexpected place.
Their work is their passion. Whether fostering that ancient rite when stewardship of a fine arm is transferred, or by introducing this extraordinary pastime of kings to new audiences, their legacy is building legacies. It is a zeal bordering on obsession to preserve the history, memory, craftsmanship, and freedom inherent in every ounce of steel and every burl of walnut.
Whether you’re seeking to preserve a legacy of your own, or to begin one anew, we at Rock Island Auction Company have the experience and a proven track record to bring those aspirations to life.
  LOT 1326
Phenomenal and Well Documented, NRA Silver Medal Award Winning, Finest Known L.D. Nimschke Engraved Smith & Wesson Model 320 Revolving Rifle with Rare 20 Inch Barrel, Stock and Case
LOT 1387
Beautiful Gold Inlaid, Game Scene Engraved, and Relief Carved Miller & Val. Greiss Hammer Cape Gun with Extra Matching Set of Shotgun Barrels

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