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Benchmark Example of a Nearly 160 Year Old Iconic Colt Percussion Revolver!
    CONDITION: Near new. The revolver retains 99% of the bright Colt commercial blue finish on the barrel and cylinder. The cylinder scene is perfect. There are only very faint turn marks between the stops. All of the safety pins are intact and not battered and there is no flash pitting on the percussion nipples. The loading lever, fame and hammer have 99% of the fiery case colors. The hammer is free from flash pitting or scuff marks. The trigger guard and back strap retain nearly all of the silver-plated finish. The grip is in perfect condition with all of the piano finish. The frame and lever screws are in near perfect condition with
all of the fire blue finish. The case exterior is excellent; wear is limited
to a few shallow dents in the lid. The lining has faded and there are compression marks from the revolver cylinder and a tear in the lining from contact with the front sight. The cap tin has an excellent label. The flask is excellent and retains 98% of the brown lacquer finish on the body and most of the gold plated finish on the top and charger. The bullet mold is in near perfect condition with 98% of the blue finish. The cartridge packet is sealed and in excellent condition. This is a nearly new example of an 1862 production Colt Model 1851 Navy revolver, with excellent accessories and a very good factory case. It would be extremely difficult to improve upon the condition of this exceptional cased revolver. If you want to own the best, here it is!
Estimate: 45,000 - 70,000

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