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    LOT 1284
Attractive Art Nouveau Style Antique Ivory and Silver Mounted Cane - The art nouveau movement began to take hold in the 1890s and continued until the start of the First World War. The movement is characterised by the use of modern materials and inspired by natural forms and movement, which is certainly shown in this cane. The extra large crook handle is carved out of antique
 LOT 1285
Ornate Art Nouveau Relief Cast and Carved Silver and Antique Ivory Vine Motif Cane -
 ivory and is masterfully mounted with sinuous vines of sterling silver which evoke a reclamation by nature. The silver vines are secured with small tacks and flow from the tip of the handle and from a band around the handle where it meets the shaft, the band is engraved “GYC” and stamped “STERLING”. The shaft is of a light hardwood with a mottled enamel finish giving it the look of a highly figured wood and appears to have once had a ferrule at the tip that is now absent.
CONDITION: Very good, the antique ivory showing an attractive aged appearance with a few scattered hairline cracks and secure, attractively aged silver mountings. The shaft is very good with some glue visible near the top silver mounting, and pinhole at the top, minimal handling evidence, and the absent ferrule.
Estimate: 1,500 - 2,500
  Starting in the 16th Century, canes and walking sticks became extremely popular, first among royalty and nobility, and by the 19th and 20th Centuries having worked their way down to the middle classes as a symbol of status. This cane shows the distinct “art nouveau” style that was popularized by firms such as Tiffany & Co. around the turn of the 19th Century. The “L” shaped handling is a composite of relief carved antique ivory together with cast silver to form a tangle of vines all with cut or knotted ends, with some areas of the silver “cut away” to reveal the ivory within. In small lettering at the base of the handle is marked “SOLID SILVER”, while the other side is marked “PAT. JAN, 5 96”. The smooth shaft appears to be made of ebony and is tipped with mottled moderately toned horn that contrasts nicely with the dark ebony.
CONDITION: Very fine, the case silver and antique ivory showing an incredibly attractive slightly aged patina with minimal handling evidence, the shaft showing only the slightest handling marks, and very light wear on the horn tip. A beautiful functional art nouveau piece that would pair handsomely with a Tiffany embellished firearm!
Estimate: 1,500 - 2,500

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