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        LOT 1297
Desirable Furr Arms 1/3 Scale Model
1876 Gatling Gun with Tripod - Serial
no. 3, 22 LR cal., 7 inch part octgon bbl.,
bright finish. Richard Gatling’s famous multi- barrel, crank fired weapons revolutionized warfare. He had hoped his weapons would decrease the size of militaries and reduce overall casualties given that more men died in the Civil War from disease while in camp then actually
in battle. His weapons were purchased by many countries following the Civil War and were supposedly even mounted on camels by
the British in the Middle East (more likely
they were carried by them) leading to the nickname of the relatively small Model 1876. This fully functional miniature 1/3 scale Gatling gun
was manufactured by Karl Furr of
Furr Arms in 1984. The top of the action has
a reproduction “GATLING’S BATTERY GUN”
plaque with original patent information.
Several components have the serial number
“3.” It rests on a brass and walnut tripod. Furr
Arms manufactured these Model 1876 replicas
in four scales all the way down to 1/6th scale.
Includes letters on the ordering of the gun,
instructions for use, a Furr arms brochure, and
reprinted Gatling Gun manual.
CONDITION: Very fine overall, showing a bright finish with minor surface oxidation on the barrels and a few light scratches on the body of the gun. The tripod and magazine are also very fine with light wear. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 6,500 - 9,500
LOT 1298
U.S. Armament Corp. Reproduction Model 1877 “Bull Dog” Gatling Battery Gun with Tripod and Transport Crates - Serial no. 16, 45-70 Government
, 18 1/4 inch round bbl., bright finish. This museum quality Model 1877 “Bulldog” Gatling Gun reproduction was manufactured by U.S. Armament Corp. in limited quantities and sold through Colt or a distributor. Colt was the original manufacturer of a similar gun in the late 19th century. The Model 1877 was the first Gatling with a fully enclosed housing around the barrels and breech, and had a rear mounted hand crank that could be cranked in reverse to clear a jam. The U.S. Armament Corp. specifications list the rate of fire at 800 rounds per minute and the weight of the gun at 135 pounds not including the tripod. It was built using original Gatling diagrams and specifications. It is marked “MODEL/1877” to the left of the Bruce gravity feed device. The sights are on the right side and are graduated out to
1,000 yards. “No 16 “ is marked near the right trunnion. The bronze plaque on the top of the action at the rear has “GATLING’S/BATTERY/ GUN/PAT. NOV 4. 1862/MAY 9.1865/FEB 28. 1871/APR. 9.1872/MADE BY COLT’S/PT. FIRE ARMS/MFG CO/HARTFORD, CONN./U.S.A.” The tripod has ash legs and brass and iron fittings. Two “COLTS PT. FA.MFG. CO.” marked storage crates are included.
CONDITION: Excellent, showing mostly bright surfaces on the brass with some areas of minor clouding, and retaining almost all the black enamel with minimal handling evidence overall. The wood is excellent with minimal handling marks. Mechanically excellent. The crates are also excellent with minimal handling/
storage evidence. Estimate: 20,000 - 35,000

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