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 Compounding the rarity of this rifle, serial number 35298, is its status as 1 of only 15 Winchester Model 1873 1
of 1000 rifles which are listed in the factory ledgers as being factory engraved. The result of this analysis and comparison leaves one to believe that this rifle, serial number 35298 is without question the finest of its type and certainly one of the most important Winchesters known for its combination of rarity and condition. To view the ledger see “The Story of 1 of 1000 and 1 of 100 Rifles” by Lewis pg. 24-26. The rifle is accompanied by a factory letter that lists the features of Model 1873 serial number 35298 as: 1 of 1000 rifle with 26-inch octagon barrel, gold-plated finish, fancy stock and forearm, set-trigger, and $5.00 engraving. According to the factory letter, the rifle was received in warehouse on August 16, 1879 and shipped on August 15, 1879 on order 16386 (“dates as per record”). This “Second Model” 1873 rifle has receiver dust cover guide secured by two screws and dust cover with proper thumbprint oval.

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