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    LOT 1324
Scarce Factory Engraved Smith & Wesson Large Frame, No. 2, Type I, Lever
Action Pistol - Serial no. 97, 41 Volcanic cal., 8
inch bbl., blue finish, rosewood grips. This Factory engraved, early production, No.2, lever action pistol was manufactured by
Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson in Norwich, Connecticut, c. 1854. This large frame pistol has the distinctive Type I features which include:
(1) uncrowned muzzle, (2) flat T-bar spring, (3) frame with hump behind the lever, (4) loading lever with finger spur and (5) single screw cartridge carrier spring.
The eight-inch, .41 caliber, part-round/part-octagon barrel and integral 10-shot magazine has a brass, pinch-top, front sight blade and round, slotted, magazine follower. The top barrel flat is roll-stamped with the two-line legend: “SMITH &WESSON/NORWICH. CT.” with “PATENT” stamped on the muzzle end of the legend
and “CAST-STEEL” on the receiver end. The receiver has a screw-fastened, fixed, rear sight, hammer with fine hand-knurling on the spur and two-piece, grips with flared butts. The receiver
sides, top, backstrap, sideplates and back of the hammer are decorated with the well-executed, open scroll, factory engraving that was standard on S&W Volcanic pistols. The left side of the
receiver beneath the grip and back of the rear sight are stamped with the serial number. The serial number which was typically lightly penciled on the inside of the grips is no longer visible. All of the visible serial numbers match. The barrel and magazine are blued and the trigger and hammer are color casehardened. The rear sight is fire blue. The porous steel did not retain the delicate bluing and few S&W Volcanic pistols have any of the original blue on the receiver. The grips are rosewood with a varnished piano finish. Smith & Wesson manufactured approximately 500 large frame Volcanic pistols from 1854- 1855. Surviving examples are scarce and very desirable in any condition.
CONDITION: Very good. This pistol retains 30% of the original blue finish on the barrel and magazine with some scattered age discoloration and several small
spots of shallow pitting on the upper barrel flats and muzzle, the edges of the barrel and magazine rib show some moderate handling wear. The S&W legend
on the top flat is fully legible. The receiver and lever have a very attractive silver-gray patina with some faint pitting on the smooth metal surfaces and perfect
side-plate joints. The well-executed factory scroll engraving is crisp and deep. The rear sight retains small amounts of the original fire blue finish. The hammer
and trigger have patterns of the original casehardened finish. The lightly sanded, refinished grips are very good with some scattered and insignificant
handling marks. This is a fine example of a scarce and historically significant S&W No. 2 Lever Action pistol.
Provenance: The Dr. Gerald Klaz Collection.
Estimate: 12,000 - 17,000
LOT 1325
Desirable Engraved Edwin Wesson Percussion Target Rifle - Serial
no. 604, 36 cal., 27 3/4 inch octagon bbl., brown finish, walnut stock. In the
1840s, some of the world’s best target rifles and pistols were manufactured
in the New England shop of Edwin Wesson (1811-1849), older brother of
fellow gunmakers Daniel Baird Wesson (1825-1906) of Smith & Wesson fame
and Franklin Wesson (1828-1899). Both Daniel and Franklin had a hand in
making these rifles since they were both trained by their older brother. Daniel also briefly produced these rifles after Edwin’s untimely demise from a heart attack
in 1849. The top barrel flat two-line, two block “E. WESSON/HARTFORD CT” and “CAST STEEL/604” marking is flanked by eagles and is located behind the rear sight. The barrel is fitted with a false muzzle which is marked “CLARK’S/PATENT/506.” The rifle is fitted with a globe front sight, an elevation adjustable rear sight and a lollipop tang peep sight. The action is fitted with double set triggers. The spur trigger guard, patch box and buttplate are German silver and are deluxe engraved with floral and border patterns. The most impressive engraving is featured on the patch box with large ornate finial and the well executed engraving includes a large, finely detailed American eagle. Engraved floral patterns extend to the frame, hammer and upper tang. A stand of flags and arms is engraved on the left side of the frame. A large German silver oval on the left side of the nicely figured walnut buttstock is decorated with a running dog. The ornate patchbox is on the right side of the buttstock. The number “30” is stamped on the underside of the frame.
CONDITION: Fine. The barrel retains 50% of its attractive original blue-brown finish with some light pagination. The frame retains moderate patterns of original case
colors, otherwise aged to an untouched pleasing case-gray color. The German silver is very fine. The engraving is crisp. The otherwise fine stock is cracked at the left heel,
otherwise minor dings and handling marks. A solid, well cared for example of a percussion target rifle built by Edwin Wesson and his brothers, one of the most revered American muzzleloading gunsmith. Provenance: The Dan Schlegel Collection, The Cletus Klein Collection, and Among the Award-Winning Display - NRA Annual Meeting 2011 Pittsburgh, PA.
Estimate: 6,500 - 8,500

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