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 LOT 1344
Framed Hunting Scene Oil Painting Signed by Tanaji - This
painting depicts the moments before a father and son embark out
for their day of hunting. The father is shown preparing the shotgun
while both are dressed in full gentleman’s hunting outfits. In front
of the pair is a trio of retrievers eager to flush and fetch whatever
game is brought home. The bottom left corner is signed “Taneji”.
The painting is housed in a bronze painted wooden frame. The
oil painting measures 27 inches by 17 inches. The frame overall
measures 31 inches by 21 inches.
CONDITION: Very good with some crazing of the painting, three professional repairs, and scattered handling marks on the frame.
Estimate: 1,500 - 2,500
    LOT 1345
Framed Oil Painting of a Woman and Children by Brandt - This
painting depicts a woman with two children, the younger of which
is still an infant. Based on the decoration of the room and the
infant’s wicker crib, the family is likely of a lower class. The woman
watches the two children from a seat at the table by a window,
through which we can see a sunny day. The bottom left of the
painting is signed “Brandt” with the initial ahead being either an
“L” or a “T”. The painting is housed in a gold 30 inch by 34 1/4 inch
painted wooden frame with decorative carving in the corners. The
painting measures 23 1/2 inches by 29 inches.
CONDITION: Fine with crazing in the paint, warping in the canvas, and storage and handling marks on the frame. Estimate: 1,400 - 2,250

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