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 Simon of Paris Exhibition
LOT 1353 and geometric patterns. The barrel tang is also engraved. The pistol has a fixed front sight, two Extraordinary Pair of Exhibition Quality Gilded Simon of Paris Flintlock Pistols with Silver leaf rear sight (one folding, the other fixed) and single set trigger. The full length stock features a Chiseled Furniture and Stock -A) Simon Paris Flintlock Pistol - Serial no. 2, 15 mm cal., 12 relief floral carving around the lock plate, side plate and barrel tang and on the underside of the 1/2 inch octagon bbl., bright finish, walnut stock. This lot consists of a matching pair of Parisian forearm. A high relief border carving is featured on the forearm and around the lock plate and side
flintlock pistols featuring gilded and silver chiseled furniture. The lock plate is signed “SIMON/A PARIS.” The swamped barrel with multi-groove rifling has sections of gilded floral work on a blued background at the breech and muzzle. The upper right barrel flat has “SIMON” in gold and the upper left barrel flat has “A PARIS” in gold. The barrel breech is in gold and features engraved floral
plate. The bulbous buttcap, trigger guard and ramrod pipes are chiseled silver and feature military motifs, floral patterns and lion heads. Gold fills in the negative space. A chiseled bird head makes up the front of the trigger guard. The ebony ramrod has a horn tip. There is one shoulder stock that fits both pistols.

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