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  LOT 1357
Ornate Silver, Niello, Gold, and Shagreen Ornamented Caucasian Ball Pommel Type Miquelet Pistol - NSN, 62 cal., 14 1/8 inch round bbl., gold/silver/niello/bright finish, hardwood stock. This highly ornate 19th century pistol is of the style popular in the Caucasus region at
  LOT 1358
Estimate: 5,000 - 8,000
Ornately Engraved Gilded 17th-18th Century Pattern Mughal Ceremonial Style Tabar Battle Axe - This tabar axe is made in the style of other examples seen from the Mughal Empire during the 17th-18th Centuries and due to its light weight was likely made for ceremonial purposes sometime in the 19th Century. Tabar axes were a very common weapon among the prized cavalry of the Mughal armies. The head is made mostly of brass which is finely engraved with gilded floral scroll on a punch dot background and
LOT 1359
    the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It may originate from Tbilisi. The lock has an untranslated golden maker’s mark and a “101” style marking in gold on the plate. The barrel also features gold inlaid designs, and the other metal is niello decorated silver with beautiful designs. A lanyard loop is fitted on the cap on the antique ivory ball pommel. The stock is black shagreen bound hardwood. The ramrod is absent. CONDITION: Fine with bright original gold, aged patina and nicely contrasting niello on the furniture, dark gray-brown patina and mild oxidation/pitting on the iron, and mild overall wear. The stock is good has some loss at the forend tip section, some loosening shagreen, and mild age and storage related wear. The frizzen/ battery spring is absent, but the lock is otherwise mechanically fine. Provenance: The Tom Lewis Collection.
     a thin half-moon shaped steel blade is brazed into a slot on one side of the head while the other side ends in a lily shaped spike. The shaft appears to be made of a brass tube, which were sometimes hollow to accommodate a hidden dagger, and is sheathed in an intricate sleeve of gilt brass floral and vine motifs with pierced background revealing the tube within. The brass pommel is carved in the shape of a bestial head.
CONDITION: Fine, retains the majority of the gilded finish with the balance showing mostly an attractive antique patina on the brass, and the steel blade showing a mixture of grey and brown patinas. An attractive decorative piece!
Estimate: 4,500 - 5,500
Koftgari Ornamented Indian Scissors Katar/Jamadhar Sehlikaneh - This fascinating and distinctive variation of the Indian katar. When the upper crossbar
is pulled downward, the upper “blade” opens down the center revealing an inner blade. This design is known as the jamadhar sehlikaneh meaning “three blades.” The design may have been originally conceived as a variant of the katar for parrying, and the three blades were more effective at piercing chain mail armor. This likely 19th century example has a 7 inch long outer “blade” and 6 1/2 inch long inner blade. The blades are nicely patterned Damascus steel, and they and the hilt have floral koftgari decoration.
CONDITION: Fine with bright original gold and mostly smooth brown patina on the balance and some light oxidation inside the outer “blades.”
Estimate: 2,500 - 5,000

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