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 Highly Decorated 16th Century Dated Wheellock Pistol
   LOT 1361
1582 Dated Wheellock “Puffer” Pistol with Ornate Scrimshaw Inlaid Stock - NSN, 52 cal., 12 3/8
inch part octagon bbl., bright finish, hardwood stock. The “L” (upper left) and “D” (upper right) markings may be for
Lorenz Dressler of Dresden noted as active around 1544-1586 (see page 307 of Der Neue Stockel). Dressler and his sons are
known to have produced pistols for Christian I and Christian II, Electors of Saxony, including for the electoral guards. The two-stage
barrel has a slightly flared muzzle, “1582” on top at the breech ahead of a sunken maker’s mark consisting of a profile of a man, the “LD” markings noted above, and some simple band accents. The lock is unmarked. The stock is where the artistry really comes into play. It is decorated with stag-horn, bone, and/or antique ivory inlays along most of its length. The inlays are shaped and engraved into dogs, hares, a hunter with a wheellock rifle blowing a horn, scroll patterns, floral motifs, globular fruit designs, and a more detailed set of fruit on the rear cap of the distinctive ball pommel.
CONDITION: Very good with mostly silver-gray patina on the metal, some mild pitting, and some marks and scratches. The stock is also very good and has distinct carving, some small pieces of inlay absent or replaced, a few thin cracks and small slivers absent, and general mild overall wear. Mechanically untested.
Estimate: 8,500 - 13,000

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