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     walnut stock. This “windbuchse” (wind rifle) at first glance looks like a conventional wheellock sporting rifle, but upon picking it up, it is noticeable heavy for its size, and several features are purely cosmetic such as the “vent” and “patchbox.” The lock even has an automatic pan cover. Though it appears to have a wheellock mechanism, the lock is not used to produce sparks to ignite a charge of black powder. Instead, the rifle is powered by an air reservoir in the buttstock accessed via a trapdoor opened by pushing the screw on the lower left. Other air rifles by Wentzlau/Wenzlau/Wenslau of Ehrenbreitstein are known that are disguised as traditional flintlock jaeger rifles. They are dated to the mid 18th century. Wentzlau was a court gunmaker to the Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadtst active c. 1747-1784 per Heer in “Der Neue Stockel.” The swamped barrel has traditional German rifling, blade and notch sights, “WENTZLAV A EHRENBREITSTEIN N=100” inscribed on top behind the rear sight, and a beaded border design at the breech end. On the left stock flat, there is plate with a switch and release button, and the plate is engraved with a dog chasing a boar. The rifle has double set triggers and iron furniture. The buttplate has the noted trapdoor compartment and is inscribed “5.” The forend and ramrod tips and left washer are staghorn. The stock has raised tear drop flats, raised relief shell and floral carving, and a rounded cheek rest with scroll accents. CONDITION: Very fine with half of the nitre blue colors on the top jaw and pan cover remaining and a silver gray patina on the balance of the metal throughout. The engraving and markings are crisp. The stock is also fine and has crisp carving, scattered minor dings and scratches, and smooth finish. Not mechanically tested. Estimate: 8,500 - 13,000
LOT 1384
28 1/2 inch octagon bbl., bright/gold finish, walnut stock. This is a beautiful jaeger rifle perhaps originating in mid-18th century Bohemia based on the overall style. The Damascus barrel has a swamped profile, fine dovetailed blade front sight, notch rear sight with decorative finial, and exquisite relief engraved rococo scroll and boar hunting scene engraving with gilt backgrounds on the breech section. The lock and furniture are also engraved with relief rococo scroll and game scenes with gilt backgrounds with dogs and stags, including nice detailed scenes with a downed stag on the side plate and a hunter and his dog on the heel. The only visible marking is “CH” inscribed on the buttplate. The stock has a horn forend cap, nice molding along the ramrod channel, raised relief rococo scroll carving, a very nicely shaped and carved wooden patch box lid, sling swivel through the forend, and a sling eye on the butt. CONDITION: Very good with strong gilt finish in the backgrounds, distinct twist patterns along the barrel, mostly smooth gray patina, some minor oxidation, and mild overall wear. The lock has repaired lock internals and need additional work as it will not lock up properly in full-cock. The stock is also good and has crisp and beautiful carving, some cracks and repairs in the forend, a replacement nose cap, and mild dings and scratches. Estimate: 5,000 - 8,000
  LOT 1383
1/2 inch octagon bbl., bright finish,
 Incredible Rare “Wheellock” Wentlzau Stock Reservoir Air Rifle - Serial no. 100, 56 , 30
         Incredibly Ornate Game Scene Relief Chiseled and Raised Relief Carved Germanic Flintlock Jaeger Rifle - NSN, 60 cal.,

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