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Extremely Fine Three Gun Garniture Documented as Owned by an Austrian Duke
       and Relief Carved Flintlock Firearms of Duke Ernst August
von Saxe-Weimar -A) Half-Stock Flintlock Sporting Gun - NSN,
22 gauge, 38 1/8 inch round bbl., gray/silver/gold finish, walnut
stock. This beautiful set is featured and discussed on pages 156-157
of “Decorated Firearms, 1540-1870, from the Collection of Clay P.
Bedford” by Gusler and Lavin where it is noted as from Ettersburg Castle when sold in 1932. The “EADS” cipher on the heel of the buttplate is identified as representing Duke Ernst August I von Sachsen-Weimar. It was subsequently listed
as a gift from Princess Sophie Charlotte of Brandenburg-Bayreuth. The Duke ruled over the Duchy of Saxe-Weimar from 1728 to 1748. The Duke and Princess were wed on April 7, 1734, in Bayreuth, and she died on July 26, 1741, when she was just 33. That same year, the Duke inherited Saxe-Eisenach-Jena and combined his holdings into Saxe-Weimar- Eisenach. Among his greatest passions was hunting, and he is noted as having 1,100 dogs and 373 horses at the time
of his death making this set particularly fitting for the Duke given its exquisite relief engraving scenes of dogs pursuing stags on the locks of each of the firearm. His estates included large patches of forest suited to his love of the hunt in Eisenach, and he moved his court to Eisenach and left the finances of the duchy in financial ruin when he died due to his lavish spending and legal battles following his extortion of wealthy subjects.
  LOT 1390
Documented 1733 Dated Hunting Garniture
of Three Engraved, Silver Mounted, Gilt Accented,
  Collector’s Fact
Duke Erst August I led an extravagant life style and was passionate about hunting. At the time of his death, the Duke had 1,100 dogs and 373 horses.

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