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   The pinned forends have horn forend caps, gilt brass ramrod pipes, and nice molding and relief carving. The chambers have scroll and disgorging mask designs. The locks and side plates feature scenes of deer being pursued
by dogs. The other furniture features scroll patterns, classical figures, and grotesque mask pommel studs. The stocks have raised relief scroll carving
and borders. Johann Adam Knod (Knodt) was first active around 1708 to
1717 in Vienna and was granted the title of master gunmaker in 1719. He
was one of the most talented Carlsbad school arms makers catering to the nobility who visited the Bohemian spa town. Only a small number of flintlock repeaters using this revolving chamber design are known, mostly by Carlsbad gunmakers in the first decades of the 18th century. They very rarely come available in the U.S. Copies of relevant pages from the Edward Hubbard Litchfield estate auction catalog are included where this pair is lot 364. The pair was also loaned by Litchfield and displayed in the 1931 “Loan Exhibition of European Arms and Armor” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is listed in the exhibition catalog.
CONDITION: Fine with much of the original gilt finish remaining, distinct designs, and mild overall wear. The refinished wood is good and has distinct carving, some repaired cracks, chips at the tail of the lock, and some light scratches and dings. The repaired lock is functional. B) Bohemian Flintlock Revolver - NSN, 52 cal., 9 1/2 inch round bbl., gold finish, walnut stock. See “A.” CONDITION: Very good with two replacement chambers and corresponding hardware with some fit issues, much of the original gilt finish remaining on
the other components, generally crisp designs, and mild overall wear. The refinished wood is also very good and has crisp carving, some thin cracks and repairs, and small dings and scratches. The breech mechanism needs work. The repaired lock is mechanically fine. This is an incredibly rare pair of three-shot revolving flintlock pistols. They would make a great addition to any antique arms collection as fine antique muzzle loading arms and predecessors of the famous 19th century revolvers.
Estimate: 32,500 - 45,000

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