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   LOT 1399
Pair of Relief Chiseled Panel Scene Engraved Gold Inlaid C.G. Koenig Double Hammer Rifles with Nobleman’s Cipher -A) Engraved Gold Inlaid C.G. Koenig Double Hammer Rifle - NSN, 11 mm cal., 27 3/8 inch solid rib bbl., blue/casehardened/gold inlaid finish, walnut stock. This matched pair of double rifles were made for a European nobleman by C.G. Koenig
of Saxe-Coburg. There is a gold inlaid cipher with a coronet over the initials “LL” on the tang between the hammers. Caspar Georg Koenig and his sons Julius and Gustav were court gunmakers for Duke Ernest I of Saxe- Coburg and Gotha, and his successor Ernest II, Prince Albert’s father and elder brother. These rifles are notably London proofed on the barrels and water tables. The Damascus twist barrels are proofed at 60 bore and gauge at .45 caliber and appear to have chambered
a tapered straight neck black powder cartridge. The solid matte ribs feature a dovetailed blade front sights and a two leaf (one fixed, one folding) rear sights. The rib is marked “C. G. KOENIG IN SACHSEN COBURG.” and the breech end of each barrel is marked with a large
“1” or “2” respectively which is repeated at the top of the frames. There is a sling swivel eye mounted on the underside of the rib and buttstock of the second rifle. The second rifle is marked “22” on the bottom of the barrel lug. The frames, locks, under levers, hammers and forearm latch assemblies are engraved with floral scroll designs. In addition, there are relief engraved animal scenes. The first rifle has a pair of boars on the right side of the frame, a reclined lynx on the right lock, a stag on the left side of the frame, and a hound on the left lock.

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