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LOT 1410
Unique Engraved Charles Lancaster 4 Bore Single Barrel Tubelock Pigeon Gun - Serial no. 1675, 4 bore cal., 35
inch round bbl., brown/casehardened/blue finish, walnut stock. The maker’s records confirm that this 4 bore gun, serial no.
1675, was made with a 3 ft. barrel and sold to an H.H. Paul in 1849. With browned Damascus tapering round sighted barrel with short bolster
at the lock, short sighting flat engraved with monogram “CWL” in gothic script within a belt bearing the Latin motto “AUT CASAR AUT NULLUS”, and no provision for a ramrod. Casehardened recessed patent breech with platinum lined touch hole, platinum inlaid line, platinum lined maker’s mark “CHARLES/LANCASTER/LONDON” and profusely engraved with fine tight scrollwork. Casehardened standing breech profusely engraved with tight scrollwork and border and scroll engraved bar lock signed “C. LANCASTER. 151. NEW BOND ST.” Well figured, 14 1/8 inch, walnut half length stock with checkered grip and forearm, the latter with dark horn cap, and butt with blank silver oval initial escutcheon to the
underside and period padded cheek rest fitted to the comb. Scroll engraved iron furniture including blued trigger guard, casehardened trigger plate with pineapple finial and
blued heel plate, the trigger guard bow and heel plate tang each with small panel game scene. London proof marks. An old handwritten luggage tag is tied through the trigger guard stating (erroneously) “4 BORE TUBELOCK BY C. LANCASTER/LONDON No. 1675 1843 (PIGEON GUN)./THIS GUN IS THOUGHT TO HAVE/BEEN C.W. LANCASTER PERSONAL/GUN AND BEARS THE
MONOGRAM/C.W.L. & THE MOTTO “EITHER FIRST OR NOWHERE” ON THE BARREL”. According to the maker’s records the serial number falls within the range for production and sale in 1849. CONDITION: Very good. The barrel retains more than half of the older rebrowned finish and has been shortened by 1 inch apparently during its working life. The breech is discolored but retains crisp engraving. The standing breech and lock each a light grey patina with slight traces of original faded casehardened finish, and crisp engraving. Some aged corrosion and handling wear to the furniture, traces of blue, possibly original, remain on trigger guard and heel plate, some age and wear softening to engraving. The stock has numerous age related storage, use and handling marks, bruises and blemishes throughout, the checkering is well-defined with some age related bruising and scratches. Comb has been carved out prior to the fitting of the cheek rest to lower the sight line during its working life. Mechanically excellent. Provenance: The Malcolm King Collection. Estimate: 4,000 - 6,000
LOT 1411
Fine Panel Game Scene Engraved Venables 18 Bore Single Barrel Percussion Sporting Rifle - Serial no. NVSN, 18 Bore cal., 30 inch bbl., brown/blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. With browned Damascus octagonal barrel cut with deep two groove rifling for either a winged bullet
or belted ball and signed “VENABLES. OXFORD” towards the recessed patent breech, the breech with slotted platinum plug and engraved with border lines and a tiger’s head. Blade front sight and blued rear sight of one standing leaf and three folding leaves. Standing breech profusely engraved with tight scrollwork. Detented bar lock signed “VENABLES” with safety bolt behind the hammer and finely engraved with scrollwork, border lines and a recumbent stag in its naturalistic habitat, and with single set trigger. Border and scroll engraved furniture comprising blued heel
plate, blued pistol grip trigger guard engraved with a running stag on the bow, casehardened trigger plate with rounded pineapple finial,
and casehardened hinged patchbox cover engraved with a creeping tiger. Well figured walnut half length stock with checkered grip and forearm, inset with a small oval silver initial escutcheon on the underside of the butt, green horn forearm cap, and blued sling eye, the
corresponding sling eye mounted beneath the rear ramrod pipe. London proof marks.
CONDITION: Fine. The barrel retains 90% older rebrowned finish with some patches of discoloration and minor rubbing to the muzzle, the patent breech is discolored but retains clear engraving. The
standing breech and lock each faded traces of original casehardened finish. trigger guard and buttplate retain 40% bright original finish. Engraving is crisp throughout. The stock has numerous age related storage, use and handling marks, bruises and blemishes throughout, checkering well-defined, repaired crack to right side of forearm. Mechanically excellent. Provenance: The Malcolm King Collection.
Estimate: 2,750 - 4,250
LOT 1412
Extremely Rare Panel Game Scene Engraved William Needham 15 Bore Double Barrel Self- Priming Percussion Shotgun - Serial no. 774, 15 Bore gauge, 30 inch bbl., brown/blue finish, walnut stock. This very rare gun incorporates William Needham’s patent of June 24, 1843 (British Patent No. 9801) for a self-priming percussion mechanism. Needham’s design has the percussion primers stored in a tube magazine inset into the butt of the gun where
they are fed by gravity into the lock mechanism. The lock feeds a primer into a slotted percussion pillar when the hammer is cocked, the
nose of the hammer has a punch which detonates the primer within the slotted pillar on firing. With browned Damascus barrels with raised concave rib signed “WILLIAM NEEDHAM. 26 PICCADILLY LONDON”. Patent breeches each with slotted platinum plug, Needham’s patent large slotted percussion pillars, and engraved with a partridge on the rib section. Standing breech engraved with a further partridge and fine scrollwork. The locks each with stepped tail, signed “W. NEEDHAM’S PATENT” and engraved with panel game scenes and scrollwork. Behind
each lock a long strap extends almost to the heel plate. These straps are the primer magazines and each is engraved with foliage, signed “W. NEEDHAM’S PATENT” and has a hinged trap cover towards the rear for loading the primers. Iron furniture including heel plate and trigger guard each engraved with further scrollwork and panel game scenes. Figured walnut half length stock with
checkered panels at the grip, a small square silver initial escutcheon is inset at the wrist engraved with a crest and monogram. Brass mounted wooden ramrod with worm. London proof marks. CONDITION: Very good. The barrels retain most of an older rebrowned finish, slight softening to the rib signature. Standing breech, locks, tubular primer magazines and furniture all mostly a grey patina with some discoloration, engraving clear throughout. The tubular primer magazines and the trigger guard each with traces of original blued finish. The stock has numerous age related storage and handling marks throughout, some staining, well defined checkering, and a repaired crack beneath the left lock. Mechanically very good with the unique primer feed mechanism within each lock appearing to function correctly. Provenance: The Malcolm King Collection. Estimate: 2,250 - 3,750

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