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   Provenance: The Malcolm King Collection.
Estimate: 5,000 - 8,000
 LOT 1417
Finely Engraved Westley Richards Scarce 7 Bore Double Barrel Percussion
Wildfowling Shotgun - Serial no. 1574, 7 Bore gauge, 34 1/4 inch bbl., brown/blue/
casehardened finish, checkered walnut stock. This substantial gun dates to the mid-19th
century and was sold from Westley Richards’ famous Bond Street premises during the heyday of William Bishop,
the firm’s famous London agent better known as The Bishop of Bond Street. With browned Damascus barrels signed
“WESTLEY RICHARDS. 170. NEW BOND ST. LONDON” on the broad concave rib which is also fitted with a brass bead front
sight. Serial numbered patent breeches each with pierced platinum plug and engraved with border lines and a rococo shell on
the rib section. The barrel with two ramrod pipes beneath housing a brass mounted ramrod with worm. Casehardened standing breech
LOT 1416
Rare Engraved Pair of Thomas Boss 14 Bore Double Barrel Percussion Shotguns -A) Thomas Boss Percussion Shotgun with Case - Serial no. 1606, 14 gauge, 30 1/2 inch bbl., brown/blue/
casehardened finish, walnut stock. The makers have kindly confirmed that this pair of guns were ordered on May 1, 1858 by a Martin Ridley Smith with 2 ft. 6 1/2 (31 1/2 inch) barrels and individual cases with leather outers. With browned
Damascus barrels numbered “1” and signed “THOMAS BOSS. 73 ST. JAMES’S STREET. LONDON” on the concave sighed rib. Patent breeches each with platinum plug and short inlaid platinum line, the rib section engraved with scrollwork. Scroll engraved standing breech
and border and scroll engraved bar-in-wood locks each signed “THOMAS BOSS”. Border and scroll engraved iron furniture including trigger plate and ramrod entry pipe each with elongated pineapple finial, the trigger guard and heel plate each numbered
“1”. Well figured half length stock with checkered grip and forearm, the forearm barrel channels stamped
with the serial number, the underside of the butt with blank silver oval initial escutcheon. Brass mounted
wooden ramrod. London proof marks. In original lined and fitted brass cornered oak case, the lid with
printed Thomas Boss trade label stating “Many Years with the Late / JOSEPH MANTON”, with some accessories
including Bartram & Co. leather wrapped powder flask and Sykes leather shot flask. The lid with circular brass
escutcheon engraved with the monogram “M.R.S.” in “old English” as per the notes in the Boss records.
CONDITION: Very good. The barrels have a pleasing Damascus twist pattern and most of the rebrowned finish
with slightly softened rib signature. Patent breeches are a dark grey blue finish. Very slight traces of original
casehardened finish remain on the locks and standing breech, some discoloration, engraving clear. Furniture
a light grey discolored patina with slightly softened engraving, the heel plate’s toe with old dent. Stock
refinished with refreshed checkering, occasional age related storage and handling blemishes. Replacement
ramrod. Mechanically fine. Case in good condition with age related wear to the lining, trade label with period
handwritten notes. B) Thomas Boss Percussion Shotgun - Serial no. 1607, 14 gauge, 30 1/2 inch bbl.,
brown/blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. See “A”. The rib, heel plate and trigger guard are numbered “2”, the barrels have been incorrectly re-engraved “T. BOSS. 41. ALBERMARLE STREET. PICCADILLY. LONDON.” With unmarked shot flask, funnel, and nipple wrench. The vendor informs us that the pair had been split for many years before being reunited in 2012.
CONDITION: In similar condition to “A” with heavier discoloration to the locks and furniture. Unfortunately the case for this gun has been lost in the mists of time.
and bar locks each signed “WESTLEY RICHARDS”, the standing breech with shaped raised section raising the sight line. Furniture comprising casehardened trigger plate with pineapple finial, casehardened heel plate and ramrod entry pipe, and blued trigger guard. Border and scroll engraved throughout. Figured walnut half length stock with checkered grip and squared silver initial escutcheon at the wrist and silver oval barrel key escutcheons. Birmingham proof marks.
CONDITION: Fine. The barrel retains most of the professionally rebrowned finish with some occasional age related storage and handling marks beneath the finish, rib signature softened. The breech is a dark grey blue color with crisp engraving. Standing breech with 98% restored casehardened finish to the upper surface, locks with 70% slightly mottled casehardened finish. Trigger guard with 75% dull reblued finish. Engraving is clear throughout. The fine stock has been refinished with occasional age related handling marks, grip checkering well defined, and repaired crack behind the right hand lock. Mechanically excellent.
Provenance: The Malcolm King Collection.
Estimate: 3,000 - 5,000

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