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Very Rare Documented Engraved W.W. Greener .450/.400 (3 1/4 Inch) “Facile Princeps” Double Barrel “Grade RFT40” Rifle with Highly Unusual Side-Straps and Case - Serial no. 56172, 450/400 cal., 28 inch bbl., blue/
       casehardened finish, walnut stock. This very rare double rifle was completed in 1908 and features unusual elongated side-straps for additional strength in the
field. This rifle is described
and illustrated in “The Greener Collections” book by Graham
Greener on page 169. With blued barrels each engraved with a band of stylized bead work at the breech end and with single extractor.
Flat matted rib ramped at the front and rear sights and signed “W.W. GREENER. 68. HAYMARKET. LONDON.” at the breech end toward the rib
extension. Blued rear sight of one standing notch sight and three folding leaves each with platinum inlaid center line and graduated to 400 yards, the front sight formed as a bead. The breech ends of the tubes respectively engraved “AMMN. 450/400 CASE 3 1/4” and “CORDITE 60 GRS. BULLET 400 GRS.”. Treble grip bolstered action signed “W.W. GREENER” on each side, with blued action floor plate, Greener cross bolt and blued toplever. Blued elongated side-straps, the left strap incorporating a Greener patent side-mounted safety catch with gold inlaid “SAFE”, and each side-strap border engraved. Blued trigger guard engraved “GRADE RFT40” on the tang. The whole engraved with beaded borders and roping on the bolsters. The underside of the barrels and the water table with Birmingham nitro proof marks and Greener “Elephant” trademarks. Well figured pistol grip stock including rubber recoil pad, checkered grip and forearm, the former with blued grip cap, the latter with blued Deeley & Edge fastener and dark horn tip, and raised cheekpiece. The underside of the butt with blank oval initial escutcheon. Length of pull 15 3/16 inches. Weight 11 lbs. 2 oz. Includes a canvas bound takedown case with W.W. Greener label on the interior of the lid. CONDITION: The barrels retain nearly all of the reblued finish, signature, rib matting and breech engraving clear and crisp. Action cleaned bright, engraving clear and crisp. Floor plate and furniture retaining nearly all of the reblued finish, engraving slightly softened. Forearm latch reblued, the inner surface of the forearm iron with strong original casehardened finish. Expertly restocked with very well figured wood, crisp checkering and occasional scattered minor storage and handling blemishes. Mechanically excellent. The case is very good with a patch repair to the lining and minor wear overall. Provenance: The Malcolm King Collection. Estimate: 8,000 - 13,000
LOT 1419
Very Rare Westley Richards
.375/.303 (WR Accelerated
Express) Single Trigger
Double Barrel Droplock
Ejector Rifle with Case -
Serial no. O.8907, 375/303
cal., 26 7/8 inch bbl., blue/
casehardened finish, walnut stock. This rifle was manufactured in circa 1906
featuring the famous Deeley and Taylor patent hand-detachable locks (British Patent No. 17731 of July 28, 1897). This rifle is chambered for the rarely encountered Westley Richards .375/.303 Accelerated Express cartridge which was
marketed by Westley Richards from 1905 and was considered one of the highest velocity cartridges of the time. It was demonstrated to the British War Office and Admiralty as well as other governments in 1906, but its moment of fame
was short lived as it was outperformed by the Westley Richards .318 cartridge which was introduced in 1908. With blued barrels
respectively signed “WESTLEY RICHARDS. 178. NEW BOND ST. LONDON” and “W.R. ACCELERATED EXPRESS RIFLE”, and each tube is engraved with a band of stylized foliage at the breech end.
Sunken concave rib with partially matted sighting ramps fitted with bead front sight and rear express sight formed of one standing notch sight, six folding leaf notch sights graduated to 600
yards, and a folding ladder sight calibrated to 1500 yards. Casehardened treble grip action signed “WESTLEY RICHARDS & CO.” on each side, with blued removable rectangular firing pin bushings,
blued toplever, blued bolted automatic safety with inlaid “SAFE”, blued detachable floorplate, casehardened trigger plate with blued barrel selector switch, and blued trigger guard. The underside
of the barrels and water table struck with London nitro proof marks. Well figured 14 3/4 inch walnut pistol grip stock including slender rubber recoil pad, with raised cheekpiece and panels of multipoint checkering to the grip
and forearm, the former with casehardened cap with hinged trap cover and the latter with Deeley and Edge fastener and dark horn tip. The underside of the butt with blank silver oval initial escutcheon and blued sling eye, the corresponding sling eye fitted beneath the barrel. Weight 10 lbs. 3 oz. In maker’s brass cornered leather case lined in red baize, the lid with printed Westley Richards trade label.
CONDITION: In very good condition. The barrels, floorplate, trigger guard and toplever each retain nearly all of their renewed blued finish, barrel engraving softened. The action retains 20% original faded casehardened finish. High quality replacement butt is apparently blemish free, the original forearm wood has occasional scattered very minor storage and handling blemishes, checkering well defined throughout. Mechanically excellent. Case with external age staining and wear, some mothing to baize lining and loosening to some partitions.
Provenance: The Malcolm King Collection.
Estimate: 7,000 - 10,000

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