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    LOT 1436
Very Fine Engraved and Gold Inlaid W.W. Greener 8 Bore Double Barrel Toplever Hammer Duck Gun with Case - Serial no. 41899, 8 gauge, 36 inch solid rib bbl., blue/gold/casehardened finish, walnut stock. Manufactured in circa 1894, this late production hammer gun features blacked Damascus barrels signed “W.W. GREENER. 68 HAYMARKET LONDON & ST.
MARYS SQUARE BIRMINGHAM. WINNER AT THE LONDON GUN TRIALS 1875, 1877, 1878 & 1879” on the raised concave rib, large bead front sight, the breech ends of the barrels, rib
and rib extension engraved with scrollwork heightened with
gold inlaid lines. Casehardened treble wedge fast action with carved percussion fences and with relief inlaid gold crocodile on the underside and signed above each lock “W.W. GREENER” in gold. Rebounding
sidelocks each with gold inlaid border line and relief inlaid gold water fowl. Border and scroll engraving throughout. Figured semi-pistol grip 13 3/4 inch stock including rubber recoil pad, and with checkered grip and forearm, the latter with dark horn tip and casehardened Deeley & Edge fastener. The underside of the butt with blank silver oval initial escutcheon.
Barrels and action with Birmingham nitro reproof marks and
are struck with the Greener “Elephant” trade mark. Weight 12 lbs. 15.7 oz. In substantial brass cornered oak
and leather fitted case lined in red baize, the lid with printed W.W. Greener trade label, price list and label detailing honors won with W.W. Greener guns. With accessories including three W.W. Greener horn handled turnscrews, a large nickeled W.W. Greener oiler, a W.W. Greener large bore takedown cleaning rod, and a pair
of 8 bore snap caps.
CONDITION: Very good as professionally refinished throughout with later engraving and gold inlay. Barrels retain 97% blacked finish, some slight muzzle rub, rib signature softened, outer edge of left muzzle with slight dent. This slight dent does not affect the bores or muzzle as the barrel walls are extremely thick, the barrels alone weigh 7 lbs. 11 oz. which gives an indication of how solid this big bore gun is. Action and locks with very crisp engraving and nearly all of the bright casehardened finish. Gold inlay in very good condition although not great quality. Stock very good with crisp checkering. Recent case in excellent condition with period Greener labels. The Greener branded accessories of recent manufacture are in excellent condition. Mechanically excellent. Provenance: The Malcolm King Collection. Estimate: 6,000 - 9,000
y& ammer
walnut stock. Manufactured in 1879 per Nigel Brown’s “British Gunmakers Volume One: London”. Single brass bead sight on the smooth, concave solid rib which has been hand marked “J. P. Purdey
& Son Sidney House South Audley St London Made of Sir Joseph Whitworth Steel”, single
gold band at either muzzle, scrollwork inside the golden wake of gold inlaid cockerels at either breech, and chambers reproofed in 1967 at 2 1/2 inches with single extractor. The barrels have been sleeved and are marked as such on either barrel near the breech, are
marked “W.R.” on the flats signifying Westley Richards manufacture. The casehardened sidelock hammer bar-in-wood action features attractive floral scroll engraving with gold borders and several more gold inlaid cockerels and a gold inlaid bust of a dog on the
trigger guard. The gun features double triggers and rebounding hammers. Beautifully figured, multi-point checkered splinter forend with engraved fittings including the Anson button release and straight grip stock with blank inscription oval and checkered bare butt. Barrel and stock measurements (R/L): bore diameter nine inches from the breech both reproved at .729 inches and measured .731/.730 inches; choke constriction .005/.016 inches; minimum wall thickness .035/.034 inches; 1 1/2 inch drop at comb; 2 1/4 inch drop at heel; 14 3/8 inch length of pull; weight 6 lbs. 8 oz.
CONDITION: Very fine as composed and refinished, retaining 98% plus blue finish on the barrels, 40% case colors, slight plum patina at the chamber sections, and light handling evidence.
The wood is also very fine with scattered light dings and scratches and sharp recut checkering. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500
    LOT 1437
Antique Engraved and Gold Inlaid J. Purde Sons marked Bar-In-Wood Double Barrel H Shotgun - Serial no. 10577, 12 gauge, 28 inch solid rib bbl., blue/gold/casehardened finish,

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