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 Documented as Being Displayed at the 1900 Paris Exhibition
      LOT 1440
Extremely Rare Engraved Exhibition Grade Westley Richards 8 Bore Double Barrel Boxlock Ejector Dangerous Game Rifle with Factory Letter - Serial no.
15946, 8 Bore cal., 26 inch bbl., brown/casehardened/blue finish, walnut stock. The makers have kindly confirmed that this rifle was ordered on November 16, 1896 and completed on April 11, 1900. It was built for J. Lyon & Co. and exhibited at the 1900
Paris Exposition prior to delivery. With fine Damascus barrels with sunken concave rib signed “WESTLEY RICHARDS. 178. NEW BOND ST. LONDON” and engraved “3 /4 IN. CASE 12 DRAMS SPHERICAL BALL 10 DRAMS CONICAL BULLET” with a spray of engraved scrollwork at each end and doll’s head extension engraved with a shell. Matted scroll engraved ramp mounted bead front sight and matted swamped scroll engraved
quarter rib with rear sight of two folding leaves each with platinum inlaid center line,
the leaves respectively graduated for “50” and “100” yards. Action finely engraved with tight scrollwork and signed on each flank “WESTLEY RICHARDS” within a ribbon, manual safety with gold inlaid “SAFE”, blued scroll engraved toplever, and the bolster around
the toplever engraved “WESTLEY RICHARDS PATENT EJECTOR”. Blued trigger guard
finely engraved with a charging bull elephant and blued pistol grip cap engraved with
a flourish of scrollwork. Barrels and action struck with Birmingham black powder proof marks. Well figured 15 inch pistol grip stock including rubber recoil pad, with raised cheekpiece, and checkered behind the action, on the grip and on the forearm, the latter with dark horn tip and Deeley & Edge fastener. The underside of the butt with large blank silver oval initial escutcheon and sling mount, the corresponding sling mount fitted beneath the barrels. Weight 16 lbs. 3 oz. The rifle is accompanied by a factory letter and copies of the records relating to this rifle.

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